The Second Coming of Christ

To understand the magnitude of a divine incarnation, it is necessary to understand the source and nature of the consciousness that is incarnate in the avatar.

Jesus spoke of this consciousness when he proclaimed: “I and my Father are one.” (John 10:). Those who unite their consciousness to God know both the transcendent and the immanent nature of Spirit – the singularity of the ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new Bliss of the Uncreate Absolute, and the myriad manifestations of His Being as the infinitude of forms into which He variegates Himself in the panorama of Creation.


Within the creative Holy Ghost Intelligence are all the governing laws and principles that manifest, sustain, and dissolve every part and particle of the Lord’s universe. The Holy Ghost inherited from Spirit the independence to create and govern within the mandated vast scope of the manifesting powers endowed to it.

This Creative Power, which gives birth and nurture to creation, is referred to in Hindu scripture as Maha-Prakriti, Great Nature, the potentials of all becomings. When this power goes forth from Ishvara (God the Father of Creation) as Intelligent Creative Cosmic Vibration, it takes on a dual nature.

As Para-Prakriti (Pure Nature) it creates and expresses all good and beauty in harmony with the God-tuned immanent Kutastha Chaitanya (Christ Consciousness). Its divine nature is magnificently expressed in the causal and astral heavenly realms.

But as the Vibratory Power descends into material manifestation, it becomes conjointly a deviant Apara-Prakriti (Impure Nature), creating through the circumscriptive laws of gross matter and the uttermost density of delusion. These two aspects of Prakriti correspond to the Christian designations of Holy Ghost and Satan.

The Holy Ghost in tune with Christ Consciousness creates goodness and beauty and draws all manifestation towards a symbiotic harmony and an ultimate oneness with God.

Satan (from the Hebrew, literally “the adversary”) pulls outward from God into entanglement with the delusive world of matter, employing the mayic cosmic delusion to diffuse, confuse, blind, and bind.

The Second Coming of Christ, Paramahansa Yogananda, Discourse 1 (John 1:1-4) & 7 (Luke 4:1-2, 8)

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  1. How very true, Orthodox consider holy trinity as holy spirit is indeed an entity. Scarce but most effective practices of Japa Yoga (subconscious prayer repetition) are still kept in Jesus Prayer.
    In Christianity Holy Ghost is actually an entity residing in an emotional body of a person together with his heritages which could be compared to sacral chakra and what they call karmic seeds..
    Agnostic Christians before the bible was formulated in 341AC (First Kreed assembly) describe themselves not worthy of gods direct address however allow the voices and visions corresponding to kundalini awakening of sacral chakra to be taken as messages of holy spirit, so no wonder the unholy one is described in Vedas has the same resemblance.
    What ever cultural heritage and corresponding religion we come from, the endpoint is finding our devine self with the bliss of our transcendental self reflection of divine (learning to feel the divine in us) otherwise we’re just lured into egoism and self worshiping. Therefore Holy Ghost is a sort of a moral compass to distinguish between good and evil no matter do we side with one or the other. In christian by the virtue of baptism it becomes an divine entity ( a dove ) we can seek within.

  2. Now we’re to consider difference between far east understanding of god and western notion of him. The ultimate difference is bi directional love between god and man. Although they are able to capillary describe Ishvara as Intelligent Creative Cosmic Vibration, transformation to energy followed to light and finally to matter, Saguna Brahman gave rise to a proliferation of souls (prusha) they haven’t got a concept of God as the Father of Creation loving it’s children as we all feel and are sure it is.
    Peace Love & Light to you all readers of this forum.

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