Shin Publications

Alchemical Weddings publishes books under the Shin Publications imprint.

Our first publication was an English translation of the G.O.Mebes Tarot Majors course (published January 2020), which we followed up in April of the same year with the first English translation of the legendary Tarot Minors from the same occult school. On the Spring Equinox of 2021 we published The Magi & The Fool, an ‘Ark’ of occultism with valuable contributions from Mark Stavish, Paul Weston, Russell Yoder, Charles Salvo and others, together with the first English language publications of Vladirmir Shmakov’s Holy Book of Thoth.

In November 2021 we published the first English language translation of The Solar Way by Nina Roudnikova, who initiated Valentin Tomberg into the great occult work of the Tarot Arcana. Then, on the Spring Equinox of 2022 we published The Holy Book of Thoth of Vladimir Shmakov. This was followed up at the end of 2023 by Part one of Pneumatology, The Ecstasies of Apollo and Dionysus, also by Vladimir Shmakov.

The Myth & The Nine was our first foray into poetry. The Myth is an epic poem which seeks to establish a new mythology of Orion and the fall of Atlantis, as told through the eyes of Thalia, the muse of Comic and Lyric Poetry. The rip-roaring tale includes cameo pieces from the pantheon of Greek Gods as they are usurped by a resurgent Osiris who takes vengeance upon his enemy Apollo in the unfolding drama. The companion piece, The Nine, evokes the legend of Emperor Ashoka’s Nine Unknown Men as a Shaman challenges representatives of nine great world religions to ascend to heaven and return intact to tell the story. The Nine fulfil their mission but in doing so reveal an even greater Mystery which none of them can fathom.

We also have a dark satirical psycho-drama in Murder @ Brave New World and an esoteric novel – The Eidolons – which explores various obscure nuggets of occult lore, including the occult imprisonment of Madame Blavatsky, the Mandela Effect, wormhole/time travel portals that open via CERN and the kidnap of the Pythia of Delphi by a soldier who fell in love with her.

The Tarot Majors course is also available via Amazon

The Tarot Minors course is also available via Amazon

The Magi and The Fool is available via Amazon

The Solar Way is also available via Amazon

The Holy Book of Thoth is available via Amazon

The Eidolons: An Occult Novel is available via Amazon

Pneumatology by Vladimir Shmakov is available via Amazon

The Tarot Majors and Minors courses are also available via IngramSparks. Tarot Majors ISBN: 978-1-9163365-3-7 / Tarot Minors ISBN: 978-1-9163365-1-3

The Myth & The Nine is available via Amazon

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The Magi & The Fool is designed to be both a tribute and a gift: A tribute to the Masters, from time immemorial until the present day, who’ve served to inspire and shine light on the otherwise solitary path of the seeker; a gift for those who find themselves peering across the abyss for such lights, or stand looking back at the ocean from the refuge of safe shores, searching the distant horizon for memories of the crossing.

The Magi & The Fool is only available through Amazon.