Shin Publications

Alchemical Weddings publishes books under the Shin Publications imprint.

Our first publication is an English translation of the G.O.Mebes Tarot Majors course, which we followed up by the first English translation of the legendary Tarot Minors from the same occult school.

The Tarot Majors course is also available via Amazon by clicking here

The Tarot Minors course is also available via Amazon by clicking here

Both are available via IngramSparks. Tarot Majors ISBN: 978-1-9163365-3-7 / Tarot Minors ISBN: 978-1-9163365-1-3

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Our most recent publication was The Magi & The Fool, which is designed to be both a tribute and a gift: A tribute to the Masters, from time immemorial until the present day, who’ve served to inspire and shine light on the otherwise solitary path of the seeker; a gift for those who find themselves peering across the abyss for such lights, or stand looking back at the ocean from the refuge of safe shores, searching the distant horizon for memories of the crossing. With contributions from Russian occult masters, including Vladimir Shmakov, G.O.Mebes, Nina Roudnikova and Valentin Tomberg, with other learned contributions from Russell Yoder, Mark Stavish, Paul Weston, Thomas Sharpe, Billy Bishop, Charles Salvo, Naida Muslić and David Taormina.

The Magi & The Fool is only available through Amazon.