Magic surpassing the river of sleep

orpheusOrpheus – such was the suffering of separation from the soul of his deceased love that it became magic, magic surpassing the river of sleep, forgetfulness and death which separates the dead from the living.

Orpheus is present always and everywhere where the love of a soul torn away by death is not content with pious and resigned commemoration, but aspires to find and meet the departed one beyond the threshold of death.

Such was Orpheus’ love for Eurydice and such, also, was Gilgamesh’s love for his friend and brother Eabani. And who can say how many human hearts have beaten, beat today, and will beat in the future, in union with that of Orpehus and that of Gilgamesh, the Babylonian hero?

Meditations on the Tarot, Letter XXI, The Fool

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful quote from the Anonymous Author and New Year greetings ! Rudolf Steiner, in my view, gives some really helpful advice on exercises for contacting those who have passed over , and the conditions and actions which influence and allow contact between the living and the dead. See “overcoming the Abyss” Stuttgart Feb 20 1913, – get this free from the Rudolf Steiner Archive on the Web. Also, the book “Staying Connected” – How to Continue your relationships with those who have died.- Anthroposophic press compiles most of the talks and meditations from RS on this area.

  2. Happy New Year Rick! The writings you mention sounds very interesting, I shall take a look – an area of Steiner’s work I’m not familiar with (one of many, there is so much!)

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