The immortals never forget their loves

perseusI have been tossed between moon and sun and stars and visions of water, wind, hills and forests. They come to me as ancient intimates. I had known them millions of years ago. They were once within me. We parted from ourselves I know not how or why.

We have played hide-and-seek with each other through the aeons. And now they come near. The spirit in them is as near to me as the beatings of  my own heart. Now we meet again it is like the meeting of lovers who had parted but yesterday. The immortals never forget their loves through all inbreathings and outbreathings of the universe.

A.E. The Avatars

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  1. I have a large heavy wall plaque with this same image of Persus with the exception that mine has a lower section showing his shoulders showing his armor or breastplate with the head of the Medusa on the lower front section. Where does your image come from and do you also have a lower sectional image.

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