Starry Heaven

Laid I down upon the pillow

Soft, my sleepy head one evening.

Holding fast a cross from Israel

O’er my heart, for Love’s forgiveness.

Then I saw a sight, quite welcome,

To a child of starry heaven:

On a board of dark-night matter

Drew the Master with his finger

Five points joined, a star-shaped image

Finished by a sixth point, centred.

Once His finger left the black board

Burst a light; a new-made star born.

What a clever One! I wondered

Hoping then He’d make the sun shine,

Yet He made a second star light

Up the night before my wide eyes.

Very soon – in deep hypnosis –

Did I reach the land of dreaming.

In that realm I found another –

Dark with unrequited passion.

Gave this one my self a garment,

Woven in the strangest fashion.

And he gave me food to savour,

Made me feel a princess, favoured.

Later did he stand behind me,

Put his head upon my shoulder,

Kiss my neck to make me bolder.

Lord of night, my dream-self’s other

Showed me that our bond is soldered,

Soothed my soul my Spirit’s lover.

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