Hymns to the Night

Have courage, for life is striding
To endless life along;
Stretched by inner fire,
Our sense becomes transfigured.
One day the stars above
Shall flow in golden wine,
We will enjoy it all,
And as stars we will shine.

The love is given freely,
And Separation is no more.
The whole life heaves and surges
Like a sea without a shore.
Just one night of bliss —
One everlasting poem —
And the sun we all share
Is the face of God.

Novalis, Hymns to the Night

2 Replies to “Hymns to the Night”

  1. Charlotte, this is a beautiful poem/hymn and what a wonderful time to contemplate it during the midsummer nights looking up at the stars. I have two framed portraits I set out from time to time that I love to ponder: Raphael and Novalis.

  2. Yes, it is wonderful isn’t it, I love it too. A friend of mine said today that Steiner thinks Novalis was the reincarnation of Raphael, do you see that as well? I am willing to believe it although I can’t say I ‘know’, or that I understand how to make those kinds of connections myself – I always thought reincarnation was something that could literally happen at any time, even while someone is alive, actually during their life, I think spirits can come and go, but maybe these are hierarchical beings rather than the souls of the deceased….

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