Mystery of the Spear

The mystery of the spear wound points us towards spiritualisation of the physical body. The special, pure elixir that flows from the side of the Lord is certainly an esoteric reference to an esoteric process of development that occurred – for the first time, yet symptomatically for all human beings – here on earth within the space of a few hours.

(We need to counter the idea that spiritual processes and the higher developments they bring about unfold exclusively beyond the threshold, and never impinge on the sensory world. It is an erroneous gnostic mode of thought that regards the Christ sacrifice, His transformation and resurrection, as a process solely of spirit and soul. This would be a denial of Paul’s teaching.

What use is spiritual development if it has no reforming effect on the lower bodies? And these lower bodies – particularly the lowest, the physical body – belong to the earthly world and can only be worked upon during incarnation. All development in the spirit aims to enliven the mortal human being.

All higher spiritual development at the same time works and impinges on matter. Serious spiritual work always leads to deed and action in the physical world. The appearance of a divine being in the material world embodied this to the very highest degree).

The spear-wound mystery is one of transformation, of etherisation; and it takes place before the eyes of those present at the time. One of these witnesses became a source of truth for us, leaving his testimony in the form of the Gospel of St John.

If this Gospel by the disciple whom the Lord loved is read in the right way it reveals to us deep truths about the Mystery of Golgotha.

Judith von Halle, Secrets of the Stations of the Cross and the Grail Blood

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  1. It is interesting that you have placed two ‘stigmatics’ one immediately after the other. The one who kept her stigmata secret form the public all her life, even while working as a doctor! – and the other who ‘came out’ and has consequently encountered hostility and opposition. Another significant difference between these two is that Judith von Halle, in contrast to all other known stigmatics, is of Jewish heritage.

    My apologies for not responding to your friendly question, ‘where am I in Hertfordshire?’ I gave it some thought but decided it’s best to continue hiding behind ‘Falk’, and not give too much away. I hope you don’t mind.

  2. hello again Falk and apologies for putting you on the spot, it was just a surprise to find out you were nearby – I don’t think I would have told a random person where I lived either tho. In fact, after I replied I got confused and wondered if you were quoting back to me something about the stars in Hertfordshire! I can’t remember if I’ve talked about it on here but since last September I have seen the most extraordinary skies both here at home and abroad, also in London, that I think I’ve ever seen in my life, and more unusual phenomena than I can mention – no assumptions about what’s causing it but impossible to miss. One night I went outside at about 11.00pm and for about 10 minutes my neighbour and I had our jaws literally dropping as we looked at the sky and both agreed we’d never seen it look so spectacular EVER anywhere in the world, it was truly amazing, the stars and planets looked giagantic and you could see multi-coloured stars everywhere, things pulsating right on and off, crazy twinkling, it was so clear. I am in Berkhamsted by the way, which I love, it’s a very spiritually resonant location to be in, i’m lucky.

    As for the rest, I did not consciously post extracts from two stigmatics, that’s just what ‘came out’, so to speak, both of them answered a call when I’d asked for inspiration and information, so I thought it was worth sharing their sentiments here. I becames very interested in Judith von Halle last year after searching for something very specific online that I can’t remember now. The search led me to a post on a yahoo group apparently devoted to works of Rudolf Steiner, although most of the people there were fanatical and therefore nailing the poor doctor well and truly into his coffin by placing him seemingly above God, the saints and angels. They were also fairly unified in their contempt of Judith von halle, who strikes me as an inspired mystic with passionate love of Christ. Certainly when I asked a VERY specific question in relation to the spear, the extract I posted was the first page I opened from my library. I also gained quite a lot of strength from her interesting books during a difficult time, but beyond that I can’t say I know here well. I would like to meet her though, she seems to be a fascinating person. I’ve no idea why the AS is so against her, but they seem to be against anyone who might possibly be seen as a genuine mystic or psychic, apparently because they believe RS should have the last word in everything – complete nonsense of course, and also contrary to his own teachings. His widow gave the same treatment to Tomberg….

  3. Well, I am about 10 miles away from you and there have indeed been some lovely skies over Hertfordshire. Every evening we have been blessed with Venus and Jupiter – love and wisdom radiating for all to see, followed by Mars (courage) a little later in the night. What a beautiful way to begin a year.
    I too like and admire Judith von Halle. She seems to be a very genuine person. She does come to England occasionally.
    It is hard to understand the fanaticism of some anthroposophists – they do Steiner no service at all.

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