Musical Stories

Reasoning shows you in musical stories

That hearing you are seeing in Spirit much more.

Deep in the depths of our Soul we must glean

From the illusion our dreams.

Sleep to let go of the worldly sensations,

Reach out to find all the new generations.

Know all the elements, revel in nature;

Know how that minor key could not be greater.

So, blew the wind

And they sailed through the distance.

Become with your mind.


Solar System.

“Meek”, He said, “the World is thine,”

Speaking seasons into “Time”,

Said the words to form each part.

“Energy” created art.

5 Replies to “Musical Stories”

  1. I know, I suddenly had a strong urge to disappear, I think it was a combination of watching the Social Network and discovering the Facebook now owns copyright on all our photos! I maybe should have said something to people first but figured my friends would find me anyway 🙂 xx

  2. CC, thanks for this. i have always known that music wild or written teaches me beyond language. with music one may know of those things which words cannot encompass. speaking seasons into time….

  3. I totally agree, music is our hotline to the divine, I used to love listening to the radio and imagining it was God talking directly to me with each song….

    Beethoven said music is a higher revelation than music or philosophy and I think he was spot on as well!

    I must say I can’t wait to get my foot mended, dancing is my biggest source of happiness, I feel bereft right now, although I realise I’m probably being impatient too 🙂 x

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