Kore Kosmou

Thou must be informed of the words of Hermes when he laid down his books.

“O sacred books,” he said, “of the Immortals, ye in whose pages my hand has recorded the remedies by which incorruptibility is conferred, remain for ever beyond the reach of destruction and of decay, invisible and concealed from all who frequent these regions, until the day shall come in which the ancient heaven shall bring forth instruments worthy of you, whom the Creator shall call souls.”

Having pronounced upon his books this invocation, he wrapped them in their coverings, returned into the sphere which belonged to him, and all remained hidden for a sufficient space.

Kore Kosmou, Hermes Trismegistus

2 Replies to “Kore Kosmou”

  1. Charlotte, you never cease to amaze me at what suddenly will appear. And we know, this is not a secret but a Mystery! Blessings on these Holy Nights and thank you for this Sacred quote.

  2. Thank you Patriq, I’m glad you appreciated the quote from this wonderful text, which I was compelled to read yesterday. The previous one, The Golden Chariot, is also related to the Kore mystery. That extract is the voice of Persephone at the moment she is abducted and her soul forced to descend to the underworld – at least as mournfully as the souls in Kore Kosmou upon learning their fate! Blessings to you also on the Holy Nights, I hope you have a wonderful Epiphany. Cxx

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