Hidden Stargates

Marked these words, the quill of Hermes:
Raise the green-lipped youth Adonis.
Listen well, as if to Eros,
See the truth within his promise.

Through the self, a solar system
Metes out time. The planets singing,
Seal in lines the great revision.
“Light!” The cosmic bells are ringing.

Truth reflects within the like minds,
As are scanned the skies sky for giants’
Astronomic temples; sun-signs
Trace the thread of ancient science.

There in orbit turn the star-lings,
Planets binding, suns inclining,
In such ways that whole dimensions
Fold inside the vaults of Heaven.

Angels watch the hidden stargates –
One from North, a second South-side –
East and West. The seal is six-faced.
Secret form – a cube, shaped inside.

5 Replies to “Hidden Stargates”

  1. how did i miss this? stunning, lovely spinning, singing…
    “whole dimensions fold inside the vaults of heaven”
    you have been there.

  2. Ah, thank you Barbara, I’m glad you like it – surprised you missed it though as it is part of a huge long epic poem about the Orion/Osiris myth. It’s all up there, think you’d have to go backwards to read it all on here…. x

  3. Are you familiar with the Qabalistic Cube of Space? Each of the 22 Keys of Major Arcana. The Hebrew Letters corresponding to each key with 3 Mother Letters(dimensions), 7 Double Letters (the 6 sides & Center, Key 22 Tav The World), and the 12 Simple Letters as the Edges…very cool indeed is your Song…

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