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Letter IV: The Emperor

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Last mail to the MedTarot Yahoo Group:


Dear Friends

Advent Greetings from a very wet and dark UK this full moon!

I haven't been able to send a new message from the group so this post will need to be a reply email to The Empress...fitting perhaps as they are united via the divine name, The Emperor signifiting the second He of the Tetragrammaton, completing one cycle and forming the starting point for the next, whilst The Empress is the Vau which holds them together.

As well as occupying this pivotal position in the divine name, from which the cross is set in motion, The Emperor also stands for the Hebrew letter Daleth, The Door, which The Master Jesus invites us to walk through.

In choosing a passage from MotT to share I did what I usually do and opened the text at random to see what popped out. On this occasion it seems like the intense politically charged atmosphere of the UK (it is election day today) has been reflected somewhat:

"It is not so that every human being finding himself facing the Crucifix may be thus divinely moved. There are those who react in the opposite way. It was so at the time of Calvary; it is so today.

And those who passed by derided him, wagging their heads and saying...If you are the Son of God come down from the Cross (Matthew xxvii, 39-40)

The chief sacrificers, with the scribes and the elders, also mocked him, saying:

He saved others; he cannot save himself! If he is the king of Israel, let him come down now from the cross, and we will believe in him. He trusts in God; let God deliver him now, if he loves him! (Matthew xxvii, 42-43).

This is the other reaction. Nowadays we encounter exactly the same, for example, in Soviet radio broadcasts from Moscow. The argument from Moscow is always the same, if God exists, he must know that we, the communists, dethrone him. Why does he not give a visible sign, if not of his power, at least of his existence? Why does he not defend his own interests?! This is in other words the old argument. Come down from the cross, and we will believe in you.

I cite these well known things because they reveal a certain dogma underlying them. It is the dogma or philosophical principle which states that truth and power are identical; that which is powerful is true and that which is powerless is false. According to this dogma or philosophical principle (which has become that of modern technological science) power is the absolute criterium and supreme ideal of truth. Only that which is powerful is of the Divine.

Now there are open and secret worshippers of the idol of power (for it is an idol and the source of all idolatry) also in Christian factions or in religious and spiritual circles in general. I am not speaking about Christian or spiritually minded princes or politicians who possess power, but rather about the adherents to doctrines advancing the primacy of power. Here there are two categories: those who aspire to the ideal of the "superman", and those who believe in a God that is actually almighty and therefore responsible for all that happens."

I think it is useful for us to ponder who and what the 'Moscow' of our age is, Russia being admittedly imperfect (as are all nations), but realigned with the Church after decades of forced atheism.

On the other hand, I have been told that it is now illegal to light a candle in your own home in Russia, as the government is cracking down on private mystical practice.

May we be mindful of our brothers and sisters around the world who still face persecution for their faith, whatever that faith might be.

May the Holy Spirit guide us and God's abundant blessings be with you this Christmas.

Charlotte x

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Some Notes on The Emperor

The Emperor has authority.

It signifies the pathway between Chokmah and Binah and completion of the divine name, Iod He Vau He.

According to G.O.Mebes:

Each cycle of Initiation has three stages, corresponding to the three quadrants of the hermetic circle.

The Lodge of the Masters represents a synthesis of the entire Masonic family. If we consider a closed unit, it will correspond to the second He.

If we consider it from the point of view of influence upon its environment, it will correspond to a new Iod.

The basis of man's authority is his ability to remain at the centre of the hermetic cross, in tune with all its elements, but remaining master of its spheres.

We associate the Iod element with what tradition calls Air; the first He is with the Earth; Vau - with Water; the second He is with Fire.

In ancient times, these four terms were called "Elements of the Quaternary".

In a metaphysical plane, air means time, water - space, earth - the principle of inertness, inertness of matter, fire - the kinetic state of matter.


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Hi Charlotte,

thank you so much for your dedication in doing all this work.

I'm working through the Mebes' Arcana at the moment and got stuck at the theosophical addition and the ninefold calculation in the Emperor's Arcanum.

I do get the two examples of extracting the theosophical root from the 58th and 78th elements but the so called ninefold cycles leave me baffled. The same goes for the three examples that follow..

Do you have any enlightening thoughts (or simply a firmer grasp of basic mathematical procedures than I do) on this part of the arcanum?


Best wishes