Wizard of Tuskegee

‘When I touch that flower’, he said rapturously, ‘I am touching infinity. It existed long before there were human beings on this Earth and will continue to exist for millions of years to come.

‘Through that flower I talk to the infinite, which is only a silent force. This is not a physical contact. It is not in the earthquake, wind or fire. It is in the invisible world. It is that small, still voice that calls up the fairies.’

George Washington Carver, Wizard of Tuskegee

2 Replies to “Wizard of Tuskegee”

  1. white butterfly
    spirit of the rain
    fall on my flower

    in the beating deepness
    of your wings’ eyes
    white worlds cohere

    the rain has opened the gardenias
    spirit eyes open to morning
    i am your bending flower
    your truce of eternal spring

    white butterfly
    spirit of the rain
    fall on my flower

    secret electrician
    uncoil the fielded earth
    and so make of her
    an opened field of prayer

    we stream
    deep days
    dark ardors
    days of air

    dew pools
    in my honeyed fields
    drink deeply
    the mingled rains are yours

    the waters dream
    in the sea foam of universes
    it’s all one finally
    if you love

    white eyed butterfly
    how do the blue worlds cohere
    rain in a flower

    rain in a flower by a bellon…

    hi cc. glad to see you back.

  2. Oh that is such a beautiful poem thank you for sharing it, like myrrh and frankinsense to the soul! It’s wonderful to hear from you lovely lady, you are magical blessed and I hope you feel as such Cx

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