Unholy Alliance

In the last days of 1932, Hitler was contemplating suicide….at this nadir of his career, he turned to an old friend, Erik Jan Hanussen, a famous astrologer and master of several occult disciplines who had – it was said – taught Hitler everything.

Although he had never cast Hitler’s astrological chart before, now in the late days of 1932, Hanussen erected his natal and probably a transit or progressed chart and appeared before Hitler with an eerie prognosis.

Hanussen told his host that there were good times ahead, but that a few ‘obstacles’ remained that had to be eliminated. The implication was oddly surreal. The ‘obstacles’ were not actual people or circumstances. Instead, Hanussen claimed, Hitler was the victim of some sort of hex or magical spell.

We will certainly never know the actual dimensions of this baleful influence around the Fuhrer, but the outcome of Hanussen’s meditations was nothing short of spectacular.

In order to rid himself of this evil spell, he said, one would have to go to Hitler’s hometown. At the time of the full moon. At midnight. And remove a mandrake from the ground.

Hanussen decided to perform the necessary rituals himself and set off for Hitler’s birthplace in Austria, returning on New Year’s Day 1933 with the amuletic root and with a prediction: that Hitler’s return to power would begjn on January 30, a date roughly equivalent to the pagan Sabbath of Oimelc: one of the four ‘cross-quarter’ days of the witches’ calendar.

It seemed an outrageous prediction but – after a seriese of bizarre coincidences and half-baked conspiratorial machinations on the part of his opponents – Hitler went from washed-up political has-been to chancellor of Germany with dizzying speed in thirty days and, on January 30 1933, he assumed power.

Unholy Alliance, Peter Levanda

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  1. Hi Charlotte,

    Hope you’re well.

    Thought you might find the below interesting on this topic. The whole book is seminal IMO.



    “”At the beginning of the Thirties the Revelation was taking place above,
    bringing to a certain culmination a process of preparation lasting two thousand
    years since the Mystery of Golgotha. A new earthly realm was created in which a
    seed group of Christ-permeated humanity will be spiritually and self-consciously
    active for the sake of humanity’s future as a whole. On the Earth below the
    exact polar opposite takes place. Here also a kingdom is created and revealed,
    led by a seed group of human beings. But it is the kingdom in which the first
    self conscious evil is systematically practised and developed as a basis for the
    whole future evil Ego evolution of humanity…Above freedom and love are
    practised for the first time as a self-conscious, creative, magical redeeming
    power; below hatred is systematically developed as the future black art intent
    on the destruction and annihilation of the truly and uniquely human. A new
    spiritual Michaelic ‘race’ is developed consciously above, while a new,
    sub-physical, demonised race is produced below, in which human souls learn to
    suppress in themselves all individual human elements by means of subhuman

    Jesaiah Ben Aharon, The Spiritual Event of the Twentieth Century

  2. Dear Ted, how wonderful to hear from you, I am very well thank you and hope you are also? Are you still involved with the website that shall remain nameless?!

    I often think of you, I enjoyed our chats – blessings to you dear friend.


  3. Thanks Charlotte,

    I too think with great affection of what we shared and I greatly valued your perspective, ideas and characterful contributions to the A_T group. The other nameless group is still stuck in their usual habits and patterns of thought and I contribute to neither group these days – A_T went on lit de parade a while ago: perhaps its mission had finished, and it had been very quiet for years. There’s a new PhD diss out by an independent Canadian researcher on the Waldorf movement in the National Socialism period in Germany that in part takes on PS. The author is a professor now and had a recent seminar on the subject where she talks about the ‘abuses of history’ – I think we can perhaps imagine what she had in mind.

    I’m still fighting a degree of illness and in general looking around for what my next tasks in life are (my job unexpectedly came to an end last Summer).



  4. So Ted, I am sorry to hear you haven’t been well, I wish you all the best in making a full and speedy recovery. The only silver lining in a cloud like that, so far as I can see, is that it affords one an opportunity to delve deeper into karmic issues and spiritual questions – I hope for you to find something of such profound interest that it distracts you from any illness and brings about the best of health. I also stopped full time work last summer and in some ways it was like a comedown, in others a relief. I heard someone say recently that the world and time are only speeding up if you allow them to, and in reality things have slowed down, giving us a chance to take stock and get our houses in order. Cxx

  5. Dear Charlotte,

    Thank-you for your words of encouragement. Illness in the past has for me indeed been a time presaging profound change and this one looks no different (in the area of marriage, now ending, and life tasks). In my ongoing quest for the new wine I came across the writings of this beautiful lady, whose life seems so full of significant suffering: Elizabeth Ancrum Mackenzie M.A, The Shepherds’ Fire, http://ipwebdev.com/hermit/bgeam6x.html (Joel Wendt is her publisher).



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