The Supernatural Style of Jacey Withers

Jacey Withers

After training at Berkshire College of Art and Design in Fashion and Accessories, Jacey Withers went on to study silversmithing at the University of North London and leather at Cordwainers.  His very first collection was designed in 2002.  

Jacey has since worked alongside various fashion designers and established stylists.  Mythology, elements of the supernatural and the magic of the animal kingdom inspire his unique signature style. 

Jacey Wither’s ethereal jewellery is bold in design with a highly sophisticated use of colourful semi-precious stones. His latest sell out pieces include the stunning Snow Leopard collection, large hand sculpted leopards made in sterling silver decorated with 22 carat gold and a clever use of oxidising. 

Wither’s unusual work has won him international acclaim, a high profile customer base and features in

Jacey Withers

publications including British Vogue, Italian Vogue and Elle. 

In Jacey Wither’s SS10 collection we catch sight of mischievous but adorable silver monkeys swinging 

from chains clutching semi-precious loot in their toes.  Exotic flowers made in silver and gold incorporate Jacey’s trademark patterning to adorn rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. 

Jacey Withers

Giant over sized claims embellished with 22 ct gold detail feature on necklaces replacing their usual pearl for a hand sculpted Jacey skull drop. Other sea life pieces include dancing sharks with golden fins, which flash on necklaces and eye catching earrings.  In shore there are creatures of a feathered kind.  Black parrots in oxidised silver with gold beaks and feathers fly on dark chains displaying their delicate tail plumage of fine chains and select stones. 

Last but not least the Treasure Box necklace itself.  This must have piece contain hidden jewels including; blood red carnelian, black agate and metallic pyrite. This gem set can dangle from the box or be neatly tucked inside enabling the piece to be worn in two ways.  The Island and its curious charms provide an exciting collection defiantly worth making a voyage of discovery.

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