The Presence of the Kingdom

The real and eternal you, standing whole and perfect within the Kingdom that is yours now, awaits your recognition in order that s/he may step forth into your daily life and assume full control.

This real ‘self’ holds the key to the use of the ‘link’, whose function is to create and sustain complete poise and balance between the positive and negative ‘forces’ which have formed the background to our every thought and emotion.

Hitherto, most of us have provided the battleground on which these two opposing ‘energies’ have fought for mastery. We have never ceased to see-saw first in one direction and then in another, always in a state of conflict, and without making any progress in a forward and upward direction. Our salvation from this tragic condition can come about here and how; not by our continuing to struggle and to fight, but by ceasing to do so, and instead, by allowing our real selves to enter in and to take command.

The Kingdom which is yours and mine and which Christ tells us is in our possession now, contains within it the real you and me. When once I have learned how to merge myself (my lower self or personality) within the true and perfect self, my troubles will be at an end.

No longer will there by any need to try to ‘save’ myself from pain or evil or fear of the unknown. The ‘I am’ will look after all this for me, and my ‘salvation’ will have been achieved.

This ‘I am’ will provide the neutralising link between the positive and negative forces which hitherto have seemed to be tearing me apart. Poise will have been restored and poise brings with it a complete awareness of health, harmony and understanding.

Wellesley Tudor Pole, The Engima of Good Versus Evil


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  1. i can only hope for this to come to be,for some blessed soul even though i know it is not to be for me.

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