The Lover

church of the water bearer
Window in the Woods

‘Let the veils be drawn now, Hermes,
Cloak the truth; you might encrypt it.
Keep the signs but aide the journey
Of the searching soul, the mystic.

‘‘Draw thyself the hieroglyphics –
Found in space, the deep harmonic –
Bind in books our thoughts: Ellipses,
Angles, curves, through time atomic.

‘‘Water bearer, when your church is,
You shall find yourself an angel,
Name of ‘Peace’. Recall these verses
When the North-star turns to Vega.

‘‘Then, at last, shall seals be broken,
Holy words shall be respoken,
Love, in spirit, shall be woken,
Doors once closed shall then reopen.

‘‘No more bound the heart, Prometheus;
Free at last the fire bringer.
As Pandora stands divested
Of all things but Hope, which lingers.

‘So Apollo’s wolf shall wander
Through the forests, undercover
Of the moon. Her golden brother
Thus returns, reveals The Lover.

‘Forwards backwards, time is taking
Certain steps through every section.
Herein find the secret waiting:
Future from the past; reflection.’

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