The Last Judgement

The last judgement will be the last crisis. The Greek word for judgement is krisis, ie, crisis. Friedrich Schiller said rightly that “the history of the world is the judgement of the world”, ie, it is a continual crisis, the states of which are “historical epochs”.

The last judgement will therefore be the culminating point of history. It will be simultaneously the aim, the meaning and the summary of crises of history. For this reason Jesus Christ, who is the moral and spiritual centre of gravity of history, will be present there. The second coming will be the objective manifestation of the stake of history.

In this sense Jesus Christ will be the “judge” at the last judgement. His presence alone will set in relief all that which is not like him, all that which is incompatible with him for the awakened conscience.

But he will not restrict himself to being present; he will participate in the last judgement and will take an active part, namely that of judge. But he will judge in his own way: he will not accuse, he will not condemn, and he will not impose punishments – rather, he will give forces to souls undergoing the trial that the awakening of conscience and complete memory entail.

Christ’s judgement is the comforting of those who judge themselves and his eternal commandment addressed to those who judge others is: “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone…”(John viii, 7). It is thus that Jesus Christ judged during his life, thus that he judges now, and thus that he will judge at the last judgement.

Meditations on the Tarot, Unknown Author, Letter XX, The Judgement

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  1. yes, we’re there, like it or not there’s no escape, but at least we might have faith in the ultimate mercy of God thanks to the invention of the Virgin, the sacrifice of Christ and the beauty of our guardian angels.

  2. hah cc. i am sure you meant the intervention of the virgin. the message here is that of mercy. don’t be afraid. we are here, we are there, we always have been. it is about love. all of it. just love.

    miss you terribly.

  3. No need to miss me by the way, I am still very much present, just trying to stay clear of CIA run sheep-coralling systems like FB, although I’ve got a dummy account I check now and again, I’ll add you. Not feeling happy about Libya right now….hope you are well lovely xxx

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