The Christ Impulse

What was given in the different religious creeds has been gathered into one whole by Christian Rosenkreutz and the council of the twelve. This means that everything that the separate religions had to give and all that their followers strove and longed for will be found in the Christ Impulse Development during the next three thousand years will consist in this: the establishing and furthering of an understanding of the Christ Impulse.

From the twentieth century onwards all the religons will be reconciled in the mystery of rosicrucianism. And in the course of the next three thousand years this will become possible because it will no longer be necessary to teach from documents, for through the beholding of Christ human beings will learn to understand the experience Paul had on the way to Damascus. Mankind itself will pass through the experience of Paul.

The Maitreya Buddha will appear five thousand years after Buddha was enlightened under the bodhi tree, that is, about three thousand years from now. He will be the successor of Gautama Buddha. Among true occultists this is on longer in doubt. Occultists of both the west and the east are in agreement about it.  So two things are beyond question:

firstly, that the Christ could appear only once in the physical body; secondly, that He will appear in the twentieth century in etheric form. Great individualities will certainly appear in the twentieth century, like the Bodhisattva, the successor of Gautama Buddha, who will become the Maitreya Buddha in about three thousand years.

But  no true occultist will give to any human being physically incarnated in the twentieth century the name of Christ, and no real occultist will expect the Christ in the physical body in the twentieth century. Every genuine occultist would find such a statement erroneous. The Boddhisatva, however, will especially  point to the Christ.

Rudolf Steiner, Rosicrucian Christianity

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  1. Good news. It has appeared, in a very persecuted sect, the alchemical Christ in etherical form, exactly as Steiner and others predicted, in the 1930’s, in a mystery school in South America.

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