The Battle of the Trees

I have been in many shapes,

Before I attained a congenial form.

I have been a narrow blade of a sword.

(I will believe it when it appears.)

I have been a drop in the air.

I have been a shining star.

I have been a word in a book.

I have been a book originally.

I have been a light in a lantern.

A year and a half.

I have been a bridge for passing over

Three-score rivers.

I have journeyed as an eagle.

I have been a boat on the sea.

I have been a director in battle.

I have been teh string of a child’s swaddling clout

I have been a sword in the hand.

I have been a shield in the fight.

I have been the string of a harp,

Enchanted for a year

In the foam of water.

I have been a poker in the fire.

I have been a tree in a covert.

Ther is nothing in which I have not been.

The Battle of the Trees, Cad Goddeu, 1 – 25

One Reply to “The Battle of the Trees”

  1. Retreating from happiness,
    They would fain be set
    In forms of the chief letters
    Of the alphabet.


    With nine sorts of faculty
    God has gifted me:
    I am fruit of fruits gathered
    From nine sorts of tree –

    Plum, quince, whortle, mulberry,
    Raspberry, pear,
    Black cherry and white
    With the sorb in me share.

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