Stars are the expression of Love

The farthest reaches of the etheric world lead out of and beyond space, into the spheres where the Gods have their abode.

And now picture to yourselves a certain inner relationship which may exist between one person and another and comes to physical expression. Picture it quite graphically.

You are caressed by someone who loves you. You feel the caress but it would be childish to associate it in any way with physical matter. The caress is not matter at all, it is a process, and you experience it inwardly, in your soul.

So it is when we look outwards into the spheres of the Ether. The Gods in their love caress the world. But the caress lasts long, because the life of the Gods spans immense reaches of time.

In very truth the stars are the expression of love in the Cosmic Ether; there is nothing physical about them. And from the cosmic aspect, to see a star means to feel a caress that has been prompted by love. To gaze at the stars is to become aware of the love proceeding from the divine-spiritual Beings.

What we must learn to realise is that the stars are only the signs and tokens of the presence of God in the universe. Physical science has much to learn on its path from illusion to truth!

Rudolf Steiner, Karmic Relationships, Vol VII

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  1. cc dearest, it was christmas eve 1969 and i was alone in my college town, all gone home for the holidays. i woke inside what seemed to be a dream. i was out of my body and floating amongst the stars of the universe all around me. i have never forgotten what i felt beaming from each of those points of light. it was love. pure unquestionable immutable love. the most pure and powerful essence of it. the phone rang at 4 a.m. tumbling me back to my body. on the phone was my ex and he couldn’t sleep thinking that i was alone. he invited me to christmas dinner.

    joyous noel…

  2. tonight about 1700 both jupiter and venus shone like beacons in the sky over hertfordshire where i live. love and wisdom blessing us all as we approach christmas.

  3. So we live nearby to each other, that is a surprise! Where in Hertfordshire are you? Last night was very clear but about 6 – 8 weeks ago I saw the clearest sky I’ve ever seen, my jaw dropped it was incredible, you could see every colour in the stars. My neighbour and I agreed we’d never seen the sky looking so wonderful in all our lives, which was actually quite strange if you think about it….Jupiter in particular has been enormous lately and, with a nod to Barbara’s beautiful messenger stars, a few nights ago I woke up decisively, sat up in bed, looked out the window, and a second later a huge shooting star whizzed by, presumably one of the Geminids 🙂

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