Reunification of Soul Mates

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Because women tend to complete their spiritual correction sooner and more easily than men, they are also more often freed from the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth required of those who have not yet achieved their tikkum.

A woman’s soul, therefore, may have the privilege of residing in the Upper Worlds while her male soul mate must reenter the world. However, she may so strongly wish to assist him in his efforts toward correction that she voluntarily comes into the physical dimension. She reincarnates to become the wife of her soul mate.

He must merit her presence, however. Many lifetimes may pass before this is the case, but it is worth the wait. In fact, Kabbalah teaches that the reunification of soul mates is a greater miracle than the parting of the Red Sea:

When their time to be married arrives, the Creator who knows these spirits and souls joins them as they were before they came into the world.. When they are joined together, they become one body and one soul, right and left in proper unison. As it is written, “There is nothing new under the sun,” because this is nothing new but a return to how they were before coming down to this world.

You might say, “But we have learned that a man obtains a soul mate according to his deeds and his behaviour.” It is assuredly so! If he is meritorious and his ways are correct, then he deserves his on soul mate, to join her as they were joined when they left the Creator, and before bonding with a physical body.”

Nothing that takes place in the physical dimension is more celebrated by Kabbalah than the joining of soul mates, and toward that end almost any  hardship or sacrifice is permissible.

The Essential Zohar, Rav P S Berg

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