It was clear from the start that the work was more brilliant than any other I had encountered and as the story unfolded I drank it in like nectar, the most sublime poem that had ever been written. I tried to commit the piece to memory but so perfect was the arrangement of words that my mind could barely comprehend their beauty, let alone learn them completely. Only one word would I remember, and this stood out as clearly as the others eluded me:


This is the only thing that I remembered for sure from what I read, that an early or integral part of it was of a rainbow, sign of God’s covenant with the Earth. But if the words were veiled, the meaning of the writing was evident at once.

I held in my hands the most heart-breaking love story that had ever been written by one (a male) for the other, at one and the same time human and divine, natural and supernatural. The character of the author was laid bare by the words but the object of his love seemed to have been absent from his existence for an eternity, or no longer present, except as a memory or product of the imagination. A tale of lost or unrequited love.

In this tale I beheld the power of love, as if tears that sprang from a broken heart had fallen from the eyes of the beholder and transformed themselves directly into words on a page. This was a passion so great that I wonder how I even bore witness to the fruit of its longing, beauty and sorrow combined with infinity and sown as a microcosm of nature.

So deep was this love that from the pain had been born the work of creation, which encompassed the whole of nature and found fragile first expression in the rainbow, wherein may be seen the depth of love as a blend of enlightenment and tears.

As I read on, enthralled and governed by the power of these words, they were seamlessly transformed into a pictorial continuation of the scene being described. I was completely taken up with what I saw, which seemed to satisfy every yearning for understanding within myself, even though the complete meaning was beyond my realm of knowledge.

I found myself in the outer limit of deep space, truly the middle of nowhere, suspended by the unseen force that was author of the magical words I had just been reading. Below me I  saw planets, but mostly was aware of simply the infinitude of space – the infinity he had to cross in order to reach her. Where had she gone and why – was she lost, had she run, did she die – what terrible catastrophe had befallen them to rend asunder the love that created the universe.

The whole of this space was the filled with the hymn of God to his lost love and my gaze was fixed on this impossible expanse of nothing, the overwhelming sorrow that was wholly without end; how I arrived there I shall never know.

When I became conscious of his mission – his determination against all odds to find her – the scene at once changed and I found my self upon the ground, but not within my room. I saw green fields appearing in front of me as if I were standing at the edge of a botanic kingdom. At the centre of this world was the largest and most wonderful tree I had ever seen. Could this have been the tree of life, I wondered, or the tree of knowledge of good and evil, perhaps?

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  1. you have been here? you have seen and heard and felt this? this is the very pulsing heart of everything.
    you child are blessed.

    and those tears that spring from that yearning heart transform themselves beyond the word, which is the breath of the maker on the water; beyond even that to become the made, to become themselves the fruit and seed of nature herself unfolding her flower and blooming all the sweet sustenance of living.

  2. Yes I’ve been here and seen this and felt it, quite a while ago now, but did not hear anything it was silent

    and yes I was blessed, as were we all, but I think I took from the wrong tree somewhere along the line – it’s a long way to get home

    But still, I know it’s real, God is love searching for love

  3. cc, one must always hear what one is thinking. that strange field you find yourself in with that tree that seems unfamiliar may only be a doubt you have no need of. and “across the universe” is just a heartbeat away always.

  4. I think it’s part of being human, it’s the tragedy of the human condition and I think that the guilt and sorrow – knowledge of the terrible loss – is what prevents most of us from being fully conscious. Man is, metaphorically, walking around with head in hands, eyes covered. Woman knows more but has less energy to act upon – reconciliation between the two halves on a cosmic scale is needed.

  5. i have offered myself to this most sacred of reconciliations. there is an atomic fire that burns away the dross. a purification. it is a passage of deep alchemy before the marriage. may those who seek it or feel their silent names called to it survive the flame.

  6. cc sweet one, i want to thank you with all of me for sharing this vision. it is most healing and transformational in it’s depth and sacred beauty. really.

  7. yes you are right, alchemy of the deepest kind, it’s the central part of our Great Work.

    I’m glad you found it worthwhile reading and that it was of some help, that’s always my hope and it multiplies the magic so much when another soul finds resonance – you are one in a million (at least) 🙂 x

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