Kiss the Frog

I found a frog inside a blue and white
dazzling egg,

Like a small bird’s egg
Of fine, crystalline substance.

Like the egg of the world.

I found it on the bottom of a
River of moving light-water,
Clear and pure, as though distilled.

“Hello!” I thought, “a hidden treasure
In the Holy Water!”

It was exciting.

I picked the egg up and held it in my hand.
Then watched it hatch with delight.

“What a trick!”

The rainbow frog lay exhausted on the stone,

I feared for its life.

I splashed it with water.

The frog did not move –
Almost as if it were dead or sulking –
But after a while it suddenly turned into a life-size man!

He seemed so much bigger than me!

He got inside a parked vehicle and stormed off.

I was amazed; why?

“Why storm off?”

Later I realized my mistake:

You should have kissed the frog…

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