Kiss the Frog

I found a frog inside a blue and white
dazzling egg,

Like a small bird’s egg
Of fine, crystalline substance.

Like the egg of the world.

I found it on the bottom of a
River of moving light-water,
Clear and pure, as though distilled.

“Hello!” I thought, “a hidden treasure
In the Holy Water!”

It was exciting.

I picked the egg up and held it in my hand.
Then watched it hatch with delight.

“What a trick!”

The rainbow frog lay exhausted on the stone,

I feared for its life.

I splashed it with water.

The frog did not move –
Almost as if it were dead or sulking –
But after a while it suddenly turned into a life-size man!

He seemed so much bigger than me!

He got inside a parked vehicle and stormed off.

I was amazed; why?

“Why storm off?”

Later I realized my mistake:

You should have kissed the frog…

Charms: Emerald

Spinx at sunset
Emerald Tablet

Looking through the space for Hermes –

Author of a timeless vision –

King Osiris clicks his fingers,

Summons then a great revision.

‘‘Thoth the Ancient – Time Atomic –

Step beyond the cloak of Hades.

You have made a greater promise;

Once, upon a time, you made it.

Show me now the emerald shining

Deep within your mind, the word press.

Show my wife the sacred Ibis,

Let us all forgive. Today’s blessed.”

Hermes gives himself a second

And a third, so time is taken –

Rather than make haste, unreckoned –

Pauses while the epochs waken.

When his memory serves him rightly,

Thoth the ancient speaks: “Osiris!

Fare thee well? The bits and pieces

Are as one; she loves thee, Isis.

How might I now be of service?”

Asks the one with dispensation.

“Should I write it as I heard it,

So to speak, unite the nations?”

King Osiris, King of Egypt,

Smiles at this and kisses Isis.

“See, my love, he’ll keep the remit,

Make our endless story timeless!’

Thoth, now, phrase the hidden secrets –

Thoth the priest, the Master builder –

Write the way.”  The sun-mind keeper,

Brings to light what Earth held deeper.