I think of that moment as I prepare myself for the sacred realm of dreaming, but it is a troubled brow that I lay upon the soft fleece and hypnosis does not come easily.

I have vivid memories of the autumn Tristeria – almost two years past – which left me with a sense of dissatisfaction that I cannot place. I wonder if my love for Dionysus has grown too strong. The allure of the youth has power to move me beyond my present confines and I am drawn to follow him in a way that would be irresistible were it not for my oaths to Apollo.

Whether I might share in Dionysus’ gift of eternal life without sacrificing my first allegiance to the Sun-King is a matter that occupies my mind greatly, most often when darkness falls. I cannot safely confide these thoughts to anyone, for if I do not remain true to Apollo and above the temptations of passion, then none will have faith and his rule shall end.

It is my dreams that sustain me. On nights such as this – warm and heady with the thick scent of Datura – my longing for adventure brings the dolphin to Psyche’s realm; I join him as he shoots like an arrow through the deep, swelling sea.

I am of course able to direct the course of my dreams. It is a skill that is cultivated in whomsoever holds this office, and it is upon this that the world’s most powerful men place extraordinary value.

I spread my heavy hair about the fleecy headrest and – with my hands still entwined in the golden threads – I gaze at the glittering constellation engraved above me. It is of the sun-seeker Orion, beloved of the Moon-Queen Artemis. Her love holds him there in perpetuity.

Tonight I shall dream of the huntress in the sky, who raised her bow at Apollo’s behest and claimed the life of her lover unawares. In this way i will learn from her the art of subjugating the crackling fires of desire, by which I shall make the love of my own life immortal.

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  1. This is most captivating. I’ve had a fascination with Datura since the 80’s. It grows in abundance around here and I’ve grown the cultivated varieties as well. It truly is a magical and beautiful herb especially at dusk and moon lit nights.
    As I was helping out some people at our new community garden here that was ploughed up this past year anew, I found an abundance of new Datura plants growing on the borders, as it loves newly disturbed earth. I don’t dare bring any of it home less my landlady’s great-granddaughter she is in custody of, 18 months old, would ingest some of it. I don’t tell the other gardeners about it either, they’d prolly just eradicate it.
    It is interesting that it has turned up recently as I haven’t spent much time with the Datura Devas for quite some years now, at least 10.

  2. Wow, that’s amazing, you actually have real live datura growing outside your flat?! You must be some kind of cosmic gardener or something, just as I suspected….have you had any yet?? (not sure how poisonous it is, guess it needs some kind of preparation)

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