Cosmic Christ of faith; Omega Point of science

Under the combined influence of men’s thoughts and aspirations, the universe around us is seen to be knit together and convulsed by a vast movement of convergence.

Not only theoretically, but experientially, our modern cosmogony is taking the form of a cosmogenesis…at the term of which we can distinguish a supreme focus of personalising personality…Just suppose that we identify (at least in his ‘natural’ aspect) the cosmic Christ of faith with the Omega Point of science: then everything in our outlook is clarified and broadened, and falls into harmony.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Christianity and Evolution

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  1. Simone Weil said that if you seek for truth you will find Christ; if you seek for Christ you will find truth.

  2. That is what I was doing – seeking truth – when I found Christ. At the same time I found love….then it is best to not lose sight, although we all have blind spots in our mortal selves that must be illumined. Only the pure star of the Spirit has is an all-seeing eye

  3. Well, I definitely have many blind spots, and still occasionally find myself saying unkind things about people of whom I know very little except that something they have said or done irritates me in some way. ( Today i am feeling bad about just such an incident ! )
    I take hope from a Sufi story in which the master compares the soul to an animal, a horse or donkey. He says to the pupils that some people have a beautiful obedient horse which responds to their every wish, whereas others have a recalcitrant donkey that bites and kicks back and it requires great effort to get it to do what you want it to do.
    The master asks the pupils which one they would rather have. They answer, of course, the beautiful horse. But the master then tells them it is better for spiritual development to have the recalcitrant donkey. The point being that it is EFFORT that strengthens the spiritual muscles.
    You can guess which one I have.

  4. That’s a great illustration from the Sufi master falk, I think I’ve got a donkey as well – maybe even a mule or an ass!! Sometimes a horse as well at times…. funnily enough, when I think of the most powerful and self-actualised person I know, in my head I often equate him spiritually with precisely what you describe – a beautiful white horse. He appears to do things effortlessly, but in fact I know he’s practised a great deal. But maybe after all there are points of weakness that the stubborn little donkey would deal with more effectively. I love both kinds of animal. I had a donkey before I could walk, then my first pony was a black Shetland called Tina, who had a foal called Dan, then I had a very pretty white Welsh pony called Peter and then later a Red Arab horse called Odin, who lived up to his name….luckily I didn’t have a pale horse too or there’d be trouble!

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