Alchemy cannot be taught


“Whoever feels an urge to teach is not living his own doctrine completely and has not attained the heights of initiation….”

“…Alchemy cannot be taught. All the great works of literature which have come down to us through the centuries contain elements of this teaching. They are the product of truly adult minds which¬† have spoken to children, while respecting the laws of adult knowledge. A great work is never wrong as regards basic principles. But the knowledge of these principles and the road that led to this knowledge must remain secret. Nevertheless, there is an obligation on first-degree searchers to help one another.

…”Patience, hope, work. And whatever the work may be, one can never work hard enough. As to hope: in alchemy hope is based on the certainty that there is a goal to attain. I would never have begun had I not been convinced that this goal exists and can be attained in this life.”

A famous poet, Morning of the Magicians, Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier

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  1. I tend to think there are ways in which it can be ‘taught’, though the Master/Mistress who would teach are most exacting, being composed of love truly.

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