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Kabbalistic Tarot G. O. M.

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I have just acquired a copy of this rare deck from Adam McLean, who is selling off his collection. I got the last one he had:

Based upon Mebes' designs. I will post my impressions when I have examined it in in more detail.




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Ah that's wonderful Patrick, I also have a copy of this deck - it is a wonderful tarot, rather small but packed with symbolism. It synthesises many different aspects of tarot teaching with other occult systems, including the Saint Yves d'Alveydre Archeometre, but it does not feature the original images used in the Mebes' Occult Encyclopedia. I'd love to know your thoughts when you've had a chance to familiarise yourself with it - did you manage to get the large or small version? Mine is the small and it's quite hard to make everything out.