Turning the World

The World (Magnus Manske)

The immediate possibility of coming down from the Benedictine high was out of the question and I did not bother to even contemplate such a thing.

Instead, I submitted myself to the force of the higher power which had first taken over me the two weeks earlier. In other words, I proceeded logically and without any waste of ‘time’.

(‘Time’ is bound in order to be seen as captive rather than captivating).

In my state of heightened reason it seemed entirely appropriate that I should start to spin with this somehow supernatural energy.

Therefore, shortly after Benedict’s departure I stood in the centre of the room and started to turn around, faster and faster in a clockwise direction until the room was a whirl of spiralling white light.

I built up enough momentum to perform such a complete turn-around that it occurred to me in passing that I could spin the whole floor along with myself.

Detachedly impressed with this accomplishment, it seemed a relatively small step to make the spirals spread outwards until I was going so quickly that the centrifugal force caused the world to spin around with me. It was the beginning of a full-blown revolution.

I span around for a number of minutes until the world got going at finite speed – held ad infinitum with the momentousness of gravity – and then, when I felt aligned with a certain mysterious point, stopped dead on the very same spot (from which I had not once deviated) without falling, feeling dizzy or even moving at all.

Now, I’m sure you will agree that not only was this physically an incredibly impressive feat for any person – let alone a very stoned person – there is something highly unusual and somehow also relevant about having perceptibly turned the world.

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