The Four Winds

The spiritual revelation recorded in the seventh chapter of the Book of Daniel affords us what we need for our task. In that chapter, the karma of evil is boldly outlined. The delineation begins with the picture of “the four winds of heaven [that] strove upon the great sea” (Daniel 7:2).

This figure shows us the cosmic scene of the conflict between good and evil. Space – with its four cardinal points of north, south, east, west – is neither one of the three abstract categories of Kantian philosophy, nor is it merely the distance that must be covered to reach some particular point; it is an ocean of forces at rest, set in motion by four active forces. These four active forces are the spiritual influences within the elemental world – the “winds” that cover the elemental world.

The currents caused by the four “winds” in the elemental world give rise to the four elements, which are impregnated by the four realms of elemental beings (salamanders, sylphs, undines and gnomes). These four groups of elemental beings are simply the lowest expression of the “four winds”. Their origin is rooted in the eternal Trinity, from which issue the cosmic impulses called ‘north’, ‘south’, ‘east’ and ‘west’. The Father being works through the cosmic impulses of north and south’ the Son and the Holy Spirit are active in the impulses of east and west.

When these impulses work together, cosmic good results; when the “four winds” work against one another, the result is cosmic evil. This is why the description of Daniel’s night vision begins with this image: “The four winds of the heaven strove.” These winds striving against one another are the four currents of cosmic evil. They are not controlled from Heaven, but from the depths of the ‘sea’; their origin must be sought in the “four….beasts” that appear out of the depth of the sea:”And  four great beasts came up from the sea, diverse from one another” (Daniel 7:3).

Christ and Sophia, Valentin Tomberg

Tabula Smaragdina

The father thereof is the sun, the mother is the moon.

The wind carried it in its womb; the earth is the nurse thereof.

It is the father of all works of wonder throughout the whole world.

The power thereof is perfect, if it be cast on to earth.

It will separate the element of earth from that of fire, the subtle from the gross, gently and with great sagacity.

It doth ascend from earth to heaven.

Again it doth descend to earth, and uniteth in itself the force from things superior and things inferior.

Tabula Smaragdina, 4 – 8

Papus: Magic is the science of Love

Magic is crowned, since her task is the sublimation of Nature, as indicated by the shield or coat-of-arms with the eagle in flight, that the Empress holds instead of the book of the High Priestess.

Josephin Peladan defined magic as “the art of the sublimation of man”, no other formula is superior to his. This is exactly the emblem – or aim – of magic, if one understands by “sublimation of man” that of human nature. Peladan had a very profound understanding of the emblem of magic: the shield with the eagle in flight. All his works bear witness to this. Together they represent a magnificent flight; they aim, as a whole and each taken individually, at  the ideal of the sublimation of human nature.

It is because Peladan bore the emblem of magic: the flying eagle, that this is so.

Isn’t it to have the emblem of magic before one’s eyes that one is invited “to throw the eagles of one’s desires to the wind”, because happiness “raised to the level of an ideal, freed from the negative aspects of oneself and of things….is the sole triumph of this world?” It is the same emblem – the shield with the eagle – that Papus had in mind, in actual fact, when he defined magic as:

The application of the strengthened human will to accelerate the evolution of the living forces of nature.

He preceded this definition with another:

Magic is the science of love.

For it is precisely “the accelerated evolution of the living forces of Nature” that the eagle of the shield of the Empress represents; “the science of LOVE” is the sceptre of the Empress, which represents the means by which the aim of magic is attained.

Unknown author, Meditations on the Tarot, Letter III, The Empress

Network of Initiates

Alex Monroe

Lucas stood up straight. He felt remarkably alert and energised, with no unpleasant symptoms or side-effects whatsoever.

Feeling on top of the world and filled with unusual zeal, he turned swiftly on his heel as if following directions from an all-powerful, albeit benevolent force.

Immediately upon turning, his eyes alit upon an extraordinarily bright and lucid body in the now-clear sky. He instantly reverted back to a trance-like state, with both eyes fixed on the beautiful blue light that was shining like a jewel. It twinkled vigorously and he was compelled to speak loudly and with peculiar emphasis:


Then Lucas came back down to Earth and headed back up the stairs to his third-floor apartment.

As he turned another corner he spied the fullness of the moon, a perfect circle of such astonishing radiance that its dark-side was easily visible to the naked eye.

At first sight of this orb he ground to a halt like a rabbit stunned by headlights, feeling instantly and unmistakably reflective: “I’m a mirror”, he murmured thoughtfully and then paused as if searching for a reason. “It’s the mooooooon”, he added spookily, with an intonation that implied he’d achieved a fathomless knowledge of spheres.

What a night!

Shortly released from the lunar entity, Lucas bounded up the stairs with child-like glee, having absorbed enough energy to power a small village. Come to think of it, with his broad and extensive range of contacts, both personal and business-related, he had the virtual potential to do such a thing.

He was overjoyed by the thought of the brilliant network of initiates he could create.

So many people to start communicating with!

Once inside the flat, Lucas strode purposefully into the bedroom and lay flat on his back on the bed with his legs pressed tight together and his arms crossed over his chest. Within five seconds he was deep into a lucid dream world where radiant male and female angels in tuxedos and debutante gowns attended to him while he sat under palm trees before a turquoise ocean.

From the eyes of every one of them shone a dazzling and strangely penetrating, silvery white light.