Spectacular Fairy emerges from Rainbow Cocoon

A number of beings rushed over to the edge to pull my unconscious self onto the platform, and proceeded to administer what appeared to be some form of emergency operation.

My self was laid flat on its back – quite lifelessly, it seemed to my mind – as the angel beings, other souls, or whoever they were, ministered to it with lightening speed, bathing it in platinum light and then weaving a rainbow around it like a kind of shroud. Although they were working very quickly and very hard, this did take a certain amount of time.

Amazingly for the ‘I’ that was watching, shortly after the rainbow cocoon was finished, my self – or a being from what used to be what I’d previously seen of my self – was suddenly upright with an extremely energetic, instantaneous-seeming movement, and opened up a gigantic pair of transclucent white wings. In terms of the proportion of wings to body this being resembled a butterfly more than a bird, though it was clearly of human size, comparable to those others present.

The wings were white and looked feathery, the body was very, very slender and kind of golden-brown, with an elfin face that fizzed with energy and was neither smiling nor frowning but looked very intense, as if concentrating. Its hair – the same colour as the body – seemed to crackle with static electricity.

It looked like my self as a butterfly, but not exactly like me, it had narrower features. Energy pulsated through it as it hovered. I naturally thought it was Gabriel, for the simple reason that this was the name I’d just said, though at the same time I acknowledged that in actual appearance it was more like a spectacular fairy than anything else, to my mind at least.

2 Replies to “Spectacular Fairy emerges from Rainbow Cocoon”

  1. Beautiful shamanic dream of transformation. More pleasant than some I’ve been told where the person goes through dismemberment or being torn apart with gnashing and fangs and even being disemboweled or masticated and digested.

  2. I have also heard stories of dismemberment, they sound terrifying. Also a few accounts (different ones) of people who’ve taken a certain drug, DMT, who all ended up in the same place surrounded by weird, gnome creatures who dismembered and then put them back together during an intense trip that appeared to last for ages and ages – huge amounts of time – but which occurred in a 5-10 minute period of ‘earth time’. I have, however been chased by a ‘hound of hell’ – or something that seemed to fit that description. it was the most mortifying and terrifying ‘dream’ I’d had since I was a teenager. It chased me all the way from my 2 floor flat (I leapt from the window) all the way to my parents’ 300 miles away, but I don’t recall that it caught me. At that point in time I was sleeping with my forehead on the open Bible, so clear was it that I was facing ‘the dragon’. Horrible time….

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