Dark Places of Wisdom

athenian-kore-andonis-katanosIt could be said that this process of awakening is profoundly healing. The only trouble with saying this is that we’ve come to have such a superficial idea of healing. For most of us, healing is what makes us comfortable and eases the pain. It’s what softens, protects us. And yet what we want to be healed of is often what will heal us if we can stand the discomfort and the pain.

We want healing from illness, but it’s through illness that we grow and are healed of our complacency. We’re afraid of loss, and yet it’s through what we lose that we’re able to find what nothing can take away from us. We run from sadness and depression. But if we really face our sadness we find it speaks with the voice of our deepest longing; and if we face it a little longer we find that it teaches us the way to attain what we long for.

And what is it that we long for? That’s what this story is about.


In the Dark Places of Wisdom, Peter Kingsley

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