The Camp Fire

At a certain point in this lengthy journey I wondered if I ought to look out for something more specific, as it seemed that we we were actually going somewhere. No sooner did I think this when the bird dropped lower and my own eyes were able to see more clearly the landscape below. We reached a place that looked like a space between mountains, a kind of valley, and I began to wonder if anyone was down there.

Maybe we would see a fire?

I saw the fire very soon after thinking of it, though I also experienced a moment’s hesitation that I believe was felt by the bird as well.

Were the makers of the fire friendly?

Until that moment it had been circling a particular area, but suddenly it dipped downwards so quickly that it left me suspended in mid air for a second.

After slight deliberation, it was somehow decided that it would be alright to ‘go down’ for a closer look at the campfire we had just spotted. Just as I was wondering how long it would take to get there, I arrived with an almighty crash right on top of self same fire.

It all seemed to happen a bit too quickly and I even wondered whether the eagle had been shot down or had simply dropped me off (more likely). At the same time I was very much aware that I was standing right on the very edge of a huge fire that filled all of my vision.

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