A man must have gazed long at the face of incarnate, crucified Love and pondered deeply on Love’s actions if, when it comes to the point, he can speak of his own failing love in thise terms: “love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all thigns.” (1 Cor 13.7).

In such love, however, contemplation comes to blossom in the truth of a human life; it shows whether he has really acted so as to allow God’s word to be paramount in his life, God’s truth and love to triumph over his untruth and egoism.

That is what is meant by worshipping in spirit and truth; it also involves renouncing “ultimate knowledge” for the sake of “ultimate love”. For as knowledge, it will pass away…but love never ends.” (1 Cor 13.8).

The love which “surpasses knowledge” can only be “known” (Eph 3.19) in something more-than knowledge, which is in fact love itself, a loving together with God and from God, just as God’s truth is one with his life of love which pours forth in a threefold stream.

Hans Urs von Balthasar, Prayer

Pros Theon: Threefold Unity Fragment

It was heard in the beginning that time should stand still so as One would be formed that might ultimately become our Universe

Then it was known that the One is many and even all appearing in myriad guises:

Natural angelic mystical moving creative mathematical one.

Time and again was it seen that one is essentially three combined meaning two with the third one in-between.

There is a catalyst or enzyme, an originator and a creation.

The things which are written of were usually seen and often heard or in some other way experienced directly yet very often received by means of another as perpetual dialogue between the elements combined in the creation.

What has come to pass is now a matter of course and the sparkling river would flow freely to the boundless ocean where every drop is as one with endlessness.

There has been a trial of extremes with repeated virtual deaths as every atom quaked before the terrible face of omnipotence

One day lovelier than the instrument of peace and breather of light and one day darker than the shades as One inhaling our decay.

The end was known from the very beginning and history has arisen from the future midst of time.