Bride of Adonis

Put now your ear to the seashell of memory,
Walk through the glistening rainbow of promise,
Sun on the ocean makes ripples of magic,
Star of the sea and pure bride of Adonis.

Then will the sea-priestess, white in the starlight,
Raise up her arms at the moon gliding by,
Sing the enchantment that harnessed the ocean,
Dance in the circles that meted out night.

Sea nymphs are whispering ‘Shayla remember…
Mesmerised mermaids and undines glide
Deep in the moonlight of hypnotised sailors;
Drawn by the current that governs all tides.

Whispering ‘Shayla, return to your kingdom,
Sister and daughter, rejoice with your kind…’
Shimmering crystal, the doors of the palace
lay on the seabed, beguiling still waters.

She who sells sea shells upon the sea shore,
Walked through the turquoise and paused at the entrance
Looked through the shimmering aqua at kinsmen,
Heard that the voices were soft but relentless.

Soft as the breeze on the salt of the ocean,
Gentle as rustles the wind through the trees,
Whispering over and over her secret,
Meaning; she hailed from the palace of dreams

Stopped at the threshold the fairytale maiden,
Thought of a promise once made in the spring,
Called to remembrance the angel who loved her,
Said: I relinquish the realm of the sea.

Go, little mermaid, they turned away weeping,
As she, the self, was set free and made mortal.
As you lie dreaming of rainbows in summer,
Seeking the memory, then think of this portal.

Sister, oh sister, how sorry we are now
So went the whispers, the shadows of light.
From the unconsciousness reason found mercy;
Words without doubt put magicians to flight.

Three that give birth from the fiery water
Seven the spheres and reflective of heaven,
Twelve that encircle and bring to completion,
Doubles in number of holy eleven.

Queen of the silver beam, king of all, golden,
Red the blood flowing through milky-white rivers
Bring generation to life in your nature,
Die by the heat but in hope be uprisen.

Light came aurora and pinker than sapphire,
Orange as anything orange is yellow,
Redder than berries of green in the meadow,
Bluer than dawn is, an indigo fire.

Promises, promises, rainbows and birdsong,
Speak of the vow that just cannot be broken
Time has no meaning and space is illusion,
Born is Creation, by God’s word is spoken.

Network of Initiates

Alex Monroe

Lucas stood up straight. He felt remarkably alert and energised, with no unpleasant symptoms or side-effects whatsoever.

Feeling on top of the world and filled with unusual zeal, he turned swiftly on his heel as if following directions from an all-powerful, albeit benevolent force.

Immediately upon turning, his eyes alit upon an extraordinarily bright and lucid body in the now-clear sky. He instantly reverted back to a trance-like state, with both eyes fixed on the beautiful blue light that was shining like a jewel. It twinkled vigorously and he was compelled to speak loudly and with peculiar emphasis:


Then Lucas came back down to Earth and headed back up the stairs to his third-floor apartment.

As he turned another corner he spied the fullness of the moon, a perfect circle of such astonishing radiance that its dark-side was easily visible to the naked eye.

At first sight of this orb he ground to a halt like a rabbit stunned by headlights, feeling instantly and unmistakably reflective: “I’m a mirror”, he murmured thoughtfully and then paused as if searching for a reason. “It’s the mooooooon”, he added spookily, with an intonation that implied he’d achieved a fathomless knowledge of spheres.

What a night!

Shortly released from the lunar entity, Lucas bounded up the stairs with child-like glee, having absorbed enough energy to power a small village. Come to think of it, with his broad and extensive range of contacts, both personal and business-related, he had the virtual potential to do such a thing.

He was overjoyed by the thought of the brilliant network of initiates he could create.

So many people to start communicating with!

Once inside the flat, Lucas strode purposefully into the bedroom and lay flat on his back on the bed with his legs pressed tight together and his arms crossed over his chest. Within five seconds he was deep into a lucid dream world where radiant male and female angels in tuxedos and debutante gowns attended to him while he sat under palm trees before a turquoise ocean.

From the eyes of every one of them shone a dazzling and strangely penetrating, silvery white light.