Om Mani Padme Hum


Over to the left in the same home county, the sun touched its golden brow to the High Street’s Eastern end, flooding the entire length with a pearlescent mirage of soft light.

It cast a shimmering spear through a particularly well-positioned bedroom window, instantly awakening the Master, who climbed from the narrow single bed, lit a stick of rose-infused incense, struck a set of copper wind chimes and then padded off to the bathroom chanting a dawn mantra.

Om Mani Padme Hum

Ana De Costa’s Mystical Tarot


Ana De Costa
Ana De Costa yellow gold and tsavorite earrings

However brief a person’s encounter is in your life they leave a carbon imprint on your soul

Mystical Tarot is Ana De Costa’s first fine jewellery collection since she received high acclaim for ‘Cusp’, her St Martins graduation collection in 2005.  Her ‘Mystical Tarot’, collection was inspired by a rare and special deck of tarot cards, introducing a design concept given Ana by a dear friend, who has been an inspiration to many key creative minds in the fashion industry.

Ana’s latest designs form a narrative, following the story of the characters from the Art Noveau tarot deck translated directly to the jewellery. Hand-picked for their visual poignancy and spiritual meaning, these Art Noveau images were designed by Antonella Castelli, an illustrious 1920’s illustrator, from a luxurious and decadent period which continues to provide the main aesthetic for Ana’s designs. 

The collection includes twelve elegant pieces including pendants, dress earrings, a bracelet and cocktail rings, one which draws inspiration from the form of a papal design.  The intricate design taken from the artwork of the cards forms the detail, sculpted in 18-carat rose, white and yellow gold.

Ana De Costa necklace
Ana De Costa tsavorite and onyx pendant

The design of a crescent moon forms a stunning monocle pendant, set in white gold with black pave set diamonds to look like the night sky. A dramatic sweeping drop earring, designed to be worn with a simple stud, shows an example of Ana’s quirky approach to fine jewellery, and her innate sense of style.

A combination of stones including tsavorites, fire opals, rose quartz, rubies and fancy coloured diamonds, demonstrates Ana’s playful use of colour, and reflects her freethinking, bohemian spirit.  Her delicate fine jewellery collection, with gothic undertones, offers impactful statement pieces which feel just at home with a pair of jeans as a piece of couture. 

Ana De Costa has also produced a stunning ‘Rising Gems’ collection in conjunction with The World Land Trust and Liberty.

Aphrodite’s Lovely Lips

Sodwana Bay, South Africa

The twice-born child threw back his head and laughed, his eyes just dancing as he took another draught. He turned to his deadly mistress and handed her the urn, at once feeling nothing but deepest desire.

“Wet your lovely lips and hark at this.”

She raised the earthen urn to her sweet, pink mouth and a murmur of surrender left her lover. “Oh fair-breasted Queen of my most erotic dreams. He may become a poet, my proud brother, but sure as day is night he is no lover.“

She took a second sip as he kissed her milk-white throat. Her voice was mocking, as ever. “Poor Dionysus, has your wine gone bitter! Who better than Apollo, voice of all reason, to relay the will of God to man?”

“Oh – daughter of the white-flecked foam – would you really prefer that braggart’s endless rationing to immortal death from too much loving?” His mouth fell down upon her breast, warm and soft as velvet beneath the silky, see-through dress.

Her eyes glazed over with lust. “You play to your strengths, I’ll grant you that; but what if death holds no temptation, even if the manner of dying might so much?”

“Pearl of Poseidon’s sea, how cruel that you pretend not to see. Do not all fair females of the universe have an inner understanding of my mystery?”

“You are a sly, uncontrollable creature and half of my self is now enthralled as I await your meaning! Come now, whisper your sweet nothings in my shell-like ear!”

“Nothing that is definable in words except – perhaps – immortal or invincible. Now show me that your body has a heart.”

“And why would I have a heart, foolish being, when such a thing was made to just be broken! Beware, now. My age-old son – the wholly unconquered warrior – stands poised right above you with his deadly, love-tipped arrow. One more stolen kiss and you, Dionysus, shall be blighted for your eternal life by the lust of Aphrodite, abandoned to the web of Ariadne by this fatal charm.

He took from her the urn and drained it to a drop. “If there is a thorn on this rose, then smite me with it now, your highness, so I can bleed and watch you leave.”