Circuit of Force

The whole of magical theory and practice turns on two points – autosuggestion and the astral light. These two points must therefore receive the careful consideration to which their key position entitles them, and not employed as stick-on labels – terms of abuse that explain nothing but discredit everything.

Auto-suggestion is a method of manipulating one’s own subconscious mind and persuading activities that go on beyond the control of the will to obey its behests – performing their subliminal work and delivering the results to consciousness in the form of finished production whose fabrication one has had no conscious part. Remarkable results can be obtained in this way, character and habits being changed and unsuspected energies released to a degree that has to be experienced to be believed.

The technique of this operation is simple – so simple that it eludes our rational minds as an object held too near the eye becomes indistinct – the subconscious mind has to be approached by means of the imagination, completely disregarding reason, will and concentration. One has, in fact, to rely on cannoning off the cushion, for a direct approach defeats itself. There is a knack in his procedure which has to be laboriously acquired, and its satisfactory use depends on the right understanding of one’s condition and needs.

It will be observed that I say ‘satisfactory’, and not ‘effectual’, for it is possible to use autosuggestion most effectually with very unsatisfactory results if one’s philosophy of life is remote from the fact – a by¬† no means uncommon state of affairs.

Dion Fortune, Circuit of Force, 7