Pros Theon: Ana-Log Fragment

There are keys to understanding and much to be misunderstood; nothing occurs in a vacuum. Whenever a source of inspiration is recovered it is with intuition that one translates something that may be definable using an Omega, as in:

Omnipresent Omniscient Omnipotent: OHM

It may thereby be seen that early messages are simply quite complext in tone and affect the mind ecstatically, while defying to a certain extent the reasoning of the self as they are generated by the universal passionate mystery. The first source appears abbreviated when iterated in written modern language so as to emphatically describe the invisible truth of the nature as yet to be revealed.

Time does not exist and virtually everything is possible but as memory is restricted and mind limited there is an ever-present danger of misinterpretation. Such as this remembrance of a lost fragment which even in our hearts is felt to be an essential non-element of the deepest secret:

To form a prism with eternal guidelines by highlighting that the refraction of pure white light is seen as a transformation of that which is invisible into a true manifestation from………

…….limit, in that it can transcend the boundaries which distinguish fantasy from reality.

What is lacking in written language may be gained in a cumulative sense through the consequential achievement of sound internal understanding of absolute forms and formulas.
These may be known by the heart even as the mind closes.

Though the mind is actually in possession of controlling functions the heart contains crystalline physical potential for realisation while the body exists.  Healthy confidence in life’s blood is thus imperative.

Confidence in and obedience towards God are the key factors in determining individual capacity for alpha-numeric belief and finite determination. What does this mean?

Care must be taken in the pursuit of pure truth which is often blinding and observed safely only when obliquely; and yet leap is required in more than one place in order for progression to be made.

Regardless of any action or reaction regarding coded messages there should always – by definition – be a fundamental refrain from denial of truth.

The powerful quickening statements have usually been concentrated between lines to avoid as far as possible misinterpretation through refraction. Of similar note was the potential temerity of untrammelled kinetic energy.

It shall be found that despite the hazards involved, initial characters came through successfully despite the immense distances that must be travelled.

The trapping of time has been so critically restrictive for much of the present age such that the slowing-up of functions has been necessary even though the results have not always been positively visible except absolutely.

Contradiction when comprehended is the determinant of movement and with good reason are science and religion often referred to through bafflement of the other.

Pisces – Capricorn

Even with my understanding of myths, astrology and so on I was flabbergasted. I have been in some odd situations and seen some really strange things – in lucid dreams, visions or astral projections – and those experiences always give you something to be surprised about, but nothing like this. If it had just been a second-sight it wouldn’t have been so weird, but by this point I was completely out of it, I wasn’t with my body.

This being was about 20 feet away and I saw him in profile. He was dark because it was dark down there, he had short dark curly hair and his arms were kind of outstretched at right angles as if he was holding something.

His torso was like a muscular man and his bottom half was a very long, corkscrew-shaped tail. I was slack jawed with amazement and my very first thought was, oh my God, if I can see him, can he see me?! I pretty much never get scared in these types of situations, but I was on the edge of panic, terrified in case he saw me. What would have happened!

I didn’t feel I was invisible like I am sometimes in potentially dangerous places. It didn’t help that I have for long had a morbid fear of deep water (I have vertigo) and could feel myself on the edge of losing control; not what you want in that state.

Fervently praying that I would not be spotted, after about 10 or 15 seconds of staring at this thing (it felt like forever) I had a sudden and bizarre ‘Eureka!’ moment that came from absolutely nowhere. For some reason the word ‘Capricorn’ sprang to mind and for some other reason this made me feel as if I’d somehow fathomed a massive secret or puzzle.

I was instantly elated – like one of those people in a film who against all odds escapes the flooding room as the water reaches the ceiling – and another split second later popped back into my body in the bedroom. Of course I was relieved as well as euphoric, with the unaccountable feeling that I’d passed some sort of test.