The Throne

Benediction came my way, through its namesake, clerkish, fey.

When he left, I deemed to stay, my only instinct thus: to pray.

Still, the way of my devotion seemed bizarre and though I wandered

Not enough to halt its progress, in an abstract sense I wondered.

Thus commenced the styled performance; first I seemed to turn the world,

Once, from twice an odd direction. All defied surreal reflection.

While my single was transformed, three dimensions were vitally born.

These are my essential minutes; let the words be undiminished.

The scene inside my room was vivid – spirits came but none were livid,

Just my friends, the literal men. Named I them with joy intense.

All the while a throne, my chair, leant askew with someone there.

This the Lord, I knew him well, prone was struck and to him fell.

There I lay in meditation, ‘fore aroused by violent voices

From beyond my supplication. Much bemused I stood, responsive.

Looking out, I strained to hear: “Jump outside to test!”, they jeered.

In my state of heightened reason, this request bore contemplation.

Would to jump bring death through treason, or new life through dedication?

As my mind, suggested, wandered, one leg in and one leg out,

Luck would bring a voice to sunder faith in me and death to doubt.

“Have no fear of tempting strangers, they are but the baleful rest.

Stay inside!” Advised the angel. Once retrieved, the stars I blessed.

Then I felt a force compelling me to stop and face the throne

In a manner thus: Reclining on one side, the right hand zone.

In the posture – just, enlightened – then began the Revelation.

There before my eyes the Saviour, Holy Spirit, Earth’s Creator.

Picture this, the blazing scene: A crown was formed, a three-pronged beam.

For the whole the three incorporates played a part, defining orders.

As the truth came home decoded, safe was I in living quarters.

The Egg

The Egg (PeterM)

This is the story she told the Master of Mysteries: “It was my second year at university at the start of the summer term, a night in May. I had a nice Thursday evening out with friends, most of which was spent in a student faculty building listening to a band called The Egg.

I was with a clever person called James (what is in a name?) and we experienced the music in the best possible way, which was psychedelically transcendentally. This involved one of us empathetically playing the guitar (him) while the other was drumming (me).

My boyfriend and our male friends had, at a comparable point in the evening, embarked upon what I later found out to be THE most debauched party imaginable then, courtesy of a fairly well known homosexual history tutor from a neighbouring college.

“Bloody hell and buggery” was the first definition to arise when I was later given the low-down, and it was related that the host regularly dosed his guests with LSD in order to ensure that his annual party was a weird and lively, corrupt sort of affair; the stuff of almost legend. Or so I heard

My own very enjoyable evening of musical appreciation was drawn to a close before midnight, after which I returned alone to my room at college.

I had not been back long before I was surprised by a late visit from another of the very bright and interesting fellows, this one called Benedict, who had been looking for my boyfriend but by a curious twist of fate found me instead. As it happened, the meeting was serendipitous and Benedict’s company was something of a blessing.  He even rolled a most wonderful joint and, in keeping with the spirit of peace, we listened to almost the entire collection of Bob Marley’s greatest hits.

Benedict was exceedingly clever and I enjoyed his visit. We related well and it seemed to me that everything we did not say made perfect sense. I also had the distinct impression that something was going to happen, that it was inevitable as one follows two. What that something would be, I could not have said, although I felt I knew.

Suffice it to say that Benedict left my room shortly after the joint had been smoked and Bob Marley left us. He had been there for just over an hour and during this time I had become supremely and irrevocably high.