The Great Medicine

This surely is a great miracle and without any deception – that in a venomous dragon there should be the great medicine.

The Mercury is precipitated or sublimed, dissolved in its own proper water, 
and then once more coagulated.

A savage Dragon lives in the forest, 
Most venomous he is, yet lacking nothing:

When he sees the rays of the Sun and its bright fire, 
He scatters abroad his poison, 
And flies upward so fiercely 
That no living creature can stand before him, 
Nor is even the Basilisk equal to him.

He who hath skill to slay him, wisely 
Hath escaped from all dangers. 
Yet all venom, and colours, are multiplied 
In the hour of his death. 
His venom becomes the great Medicine.

He quickly consumes his venom, 
For he devours his poisonous tail. 
All this is performed on his own body, 
From which flows forth glorious Balm, 
With all its miraculous virtues. 
Hereat all the Sages do loudly rejoice.

Book of Lambspring