World of the second humanity

TammuzNot only are there seven planets, but these must have had their representations on Earth in the seven holy ‘fortresses’ of the seven ‘white’ Kings of Atlantis. In the Secret of the West, Merezhkovsky says:

‘Atlantis perished, but its gods were saved. There are seven of them: The Cretan Adonis-Adonai, the Egyptian Osiris, the Babylonian Tammuz, the Hittite Attis, the Iranian Mithra, the Hellenic Dionysus, and the ancient Mexican Quetzalcoatl. They all show one face, like brother-twins. The swastika is on their brow: it is possible to say that these are the ‘baptised’ gods.

‘There are seven of them like the seven colours of the post-Deluge rainbow: “I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a token of a covenant between me and the Earth.”

‘They are more than twins, they are each others’ doubles, so that if you know one you know them all; they mix in one another, like the colours of the rainbow, behind which is one sun.’

So, if the poem, the Spoils of Annwn refers also to post-diluvian history (as an experience of initiation) it is still correct to say that ‘only seven’ return; because, in Atlantis, only the seven god-accepted sanctuaries and their Mystery-wisdom survived, and those under the ‘Lords of the Dark Face’, the black magical Kings, perished. The offspring of these seven Mystery schools, devoted to planetary wisdom, are to be found – historically – scattered all over the world of the ‘second humanity’.

Eleanor C Merry, The Flaming Door

Tomberg: Apocalypse, Israel and Atlantis

In the sense of the Apocalypse, we can best understand the choosing and the significance of the chosen people, or the undying Israel, by studying the history of humankind with the purpose of discovering the origin of the chosen people. We must go back to a time when civilisation flourished in Atlantis, the continent of West Europe, which was later submerged.

That civilisation was especially distinguished from that of today by the fact that it was based on very different human faculties. Modern civilisation is founded on the human faculty of thinking and the experiences that reach us through the mind, whereas the Atlantean civilisation was based on faculties that would be viewed today as ‘magical’.

The faculties of Atlanteans relied on a far more intimate relationship between humankind and the natural environment than exists in modern times. For Atlanteans, an external natural event was as direct inner experience; similarly, the inner experience of Atlanteans exerted an influence on the outer events of nature.

The will had the power of not only moving a person’s limbs, but it could also effect the forces of nature. The will had the power of not only moving a person’s limbs, but it could also affect the forces of nature. Likewise, the spoken word had a power that today, when speakers lecture or declaim – we can no longer conceive of. It could heal or kill, build or destroy, through the natural force that accompanied it.

Christ and Sophia (The Chosen People, The Nature of the Old Testament) Valentin Tomberg


At a certain point it was suggested to me that I should maybe go to Atlantis.

Now, I have for long been convinced of the reality of time travel – which is pretty much a scientific fact now anyway – and although I didn’t fancy this Atlantis trip (the idea never had much of a hold on me, I was always much more interested in other things and found the notion too imponderable to be worth bothering with) I decided to try out his suggestion for the sake of the exercise.

We’d been doing a lot of work with guardian angels and he also said I should ask for their protection before going, or trying to go. When I went to lie down in bed in order to think about this, I was oddly not in the mood for meditation (unlike every other night at that time), was not feeling ‘spiritual’ and was more inclined to go to the pub, to be frank.

It was before midnight, I wasn’t tired, didn’t know what to expect and had almost no expectations of getting anywhere anyway. I just didn’t care about Atlantis.

Nevertheless – and almost cursorily, I must admit – I said a brief prayer to the archangels, probably Michael in particular, in which I said something along the lines of. “I’m meant to be going to Atlantis, my buddy thinks it’s a good idea, would you please protect me if you also think it’s a good idea for me to go.”

About 3 seconds later, somewhat to my surprise, I saw through open eyes with second sight a big fish headed being appear to my left above the bed.