What is Jupiter? Jupiter is found in Roman, Greek, Latin mythology. Greek = Zeus, Roman = Jupiter, Latin = Io PITAR

IO was, is and will always be, the symbol of the two polarities. I = positive masculine force, O = feminine force. These two forces in combination create. IO is always related with androgyny. Andros (Greek) = man, Genica = woman.

We are not talking about the male of feminine physical body, but talking about polarities. IO means male of female forces out of form. IO is the Divine Androgyny. PITAR, the Pitaras, is related to parents.

In this case it is the forces that create; therefore they are called parents, not man and woman, but male and female forces. Divinity has no form but is the symbol of the parents or God, who is both female and male energies.

Jupiter is the Father of the Gods – referring to the first couple, the forces that created the universe, the representation of God in each one of us. In Kabbalah, we find the word Jehovah, which is again Androgynous. Iod Heve = IO = Male and Feminine aspects of Divinity. Jehovah Elohim is also the God of Gods, and is the origin of life – he made man and made him male -female in his own image.

The first man created was also androgynous. Adam was not a physical being with masculine sexual organs, but was androgynous, with both sexual polarities at the same time. Jupiter is the superior part that is above the Spirit. Our own Spirit emanated from Iod-Heve, Jehovah, Jupiter, IO PITAR.

Jupiter is in Christianity the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is also an androgynous force – meaning that it polarises itself into masculine and feminine. The forces of the Holy Spirit, when descending from above to the physical plane, express themselves through the sexual organs of all the human beings, all the animals, all the plants, all the minerals.

So these forces of the Holy Spirit are everywhere – everywhere is light and life. The Holy Spirit is called the Giver of Light an Life. Kabbalah in Christianity: the Sacred Family – Joseph, Mary and Jesus. These are also related with Initiation. In the word Joseph with find – IO – and Cephas (stone).

And he brought him to Jesus. And when Jesus beheld him, he said, Thou art Simon the son of Jonah: thou shalt be called Cephas, which is by interpretation, a stone. John 1.42

this stone is the Philosophical Stone of Yesod, it is the Ninth Sphere of the Tree of Life. This stone is the sexual organs. When we say IO – SEPHAS, we say “the power of IO in the Stone” – this is Joseph. Mary – Miriam – but esoterically we say RAM-IO, is the symbol of the feminine aspect of the Holy Spirit. This is represented in woman.

This is how the pentagram is being born in each one of us. When it is the right way up, it represents Jesus, because Jesus is the perfect man. The perfect man is written with five letters – the Pentagrammaton. This is the Sacred Family in relation to Divinity, in relation to Jupiter. Therefore, all Solar Initiates are children of IO-PATAR, IO-PETER, IO-Piter, the forces of IO within the Stone of Yesod.

The World of the Klipoth, Samael Aun Weor

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  1. Can you tell me what makes a force feminine, or masculine? I would be interested to know.

  2. i think they are most easily understood, perhaps, as the relation (both exoteric and esoteric) between Moon and Sun, Sea and Sky, but then a lot depends on the philosophical and religious context and – of course – the dynamics between male and female creatures. The ‘Force’ card in Tarot, where the virgin effortlessly holds the jaws of the beast, is symbolic of the supreme feminine force, that with perfect purity, gentleness, beauty and mercy subdues wild passions. While the Magician epitomises the vivifying masculinity that sets the wheel in motion, the Spirit that blows where it will.

  3. Thank you for what I feel is a beautiful reply. They are wonderful images. But what is feminine about purity gentleness, beauty and mercy? Are they not qualities that can exist independent of gender? Similarly with whatever sets the wheel in motion, I have known many women who have done just that.(Petra Kelly springs to mind straightaway) and certainly I have found people who experience ‘the Spirit that blows where it will ‘ as feminine.
    When I encounter these sort of gendered characterisations I appreciate the beauty of them but also have the feeling that I am looking at something that belongs in the past.
    A Christian Community priest recently suggested that we (the people he was talking to) try to imagine the face of the Risen Christ free from the marks of race and gender. But what colour would the Chrit’s skin be? Do I imagine the Christ with a beard or with smooth skin, like a child or woman?

  4. Thank you also for your kind response Falk. As it happens I think you are pretty much right and of course sweeping gender distinctions can only ever be a generalisation. The truly spiritual being has fully integrated both masculine and feminine essences. The concept of the divine androgyne is certainly something worth pondering in this context, but is a more difficult and disturbing concept to grasp in its entirety than first thoughts might suggest. A truly non-sexualised, absolutely pure entity is actually rather a shock to the average human being….

    While we’re completing our work, it’s important to bear in mind that so much ‘magic’ is fundamentally about polarity – ie, ‘sex’, gender. The interchange of energies between genders is vital to our development and a source of absolutely immense power. The sublimated sexual force can assume miraculous potential.

    Regarding how the Spirit is perceived that must depend on the individual’s relationship and conception of Spirit (which may be ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in a cosmic sense but can only be ‘right’ at the time for the individual). For my own part I could not have ascribed a gender to Spirit or even some angels, but I always felt (rightly or wrongly) that it must be relatively simpler for women (in general) to worship the man Jesus Christ, who may be viewed as a husband as well as brother, friend etc. I often wondered how men viewed that relationship. As for what he looks like, many believe Hoffman got the likeness most accurate:

    This is how I tend to imagine the look of Jesus, although I must say that in a very powerful lucid dream I had of him, He was clean shaven with short brown hair – also clearly male, but not rugged in any way. He moved very dynamically with a large group of risen souls through the suns rays and caused time to stand still. They moved from East to West with the rising sun.

    On the other hand, I have had an equally powerful – but far more disturbing – waking vision of a being that may have been the risen Christ but in this case I was not sure of ‘who’ or even ‘what’ I was seeing, only that the being was totally androgynous with golden hair (as the sun) and a long white robe. The azure blue sky around appeared as the aura of this Spirit, which had a red belt that morphed into a type of blood-like ribbon before turning into a cross and, finally, a large red mass that covered his chest. Perhaps a rose, although it looked more like a circle at the time. I will try to find my description of this, which I think I uploaded onto here somewhere.

  5. Thank You, Charlotte, that is a beautiful image of the Christ by Hoffman. In contrast there is a very beautiful painting in the Christian Community Church in Forest Row where the artists has given a very female appearance – and that is beautiful also.
    I was not trying to proscribe how anyone should imagine The Christ. The only ‘should’ I would ever use in this sort of context is that one should find the image that speaks to one in the right way whatever that is. George Ritchie as a young man had an experience of the Christ which I believe was absolutely genuine. He saw him as a really manly type of man, rugged and strong with blue eyes. This always made me smile a little, but reading about Ritchie’s life one can understand why he saw Him this way.

  6. Yes, I understand….

    I once had a powerful sight of an entirely androgynous spiritual being that so strikingly resembled both myself AND my lover that I was plunged into absolutely chaotic panic and rendered seemingly incapable of rational thought or understanding for about 2.5 years.

    I’m not sure if it was the androgyny or self-resemblance that most disturbed me, but I was unable to move from the hazardous, impassable point on the jagged mountain until firmly pushed off it

  7. Falk, you inspired me to buy George Ritche’s book and I’m so glad I did, what a wonderful and inspirational little volume this is, thank you very much for mentioning it, I think it deserves an inclusion here in fact. Cx

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