Ana De Costa’s Mystical Tarot

Ana De Costa’s Mystical Tarot collection was inspired by a rare and special deck of tarot cards, introducing a design concept given Ana by a dear friend, who has been an inspiration to many key creative minds in the fashion industry.

Contemplate in Symbols

Practical Hermeticism applies itself to educating thought and imagination (or memory) to keep in step with the will. This is why it requires constant effort of thought and imagination combined in order to think, meditate and contemplate in symbols – symbolism being the sole means of rendering thought and imagination capable of not being suspended…

Shin Publications

Alchemical Weddings publishes books under the Shin Publications imprint. Our first publication was an English translation of the G.O.Mebes Tarot Majors course (published January 2020), which we followed up in April of the same year with the first English translation of the legendary Tarot Minors from the same occult school. On the Spring Equinox of…

Audio: The Emperor

A reading from The Emperor (Arcanum 4, Daleth) of the G.O. Mebes Tarot Majors Course

Audio: The Empress

A reading from The Empress (Arcanum 3, Ghimel) of the G.O. Mebes Tarot Majors Course