World of the second humanity

TammuzNot only are there seven planets, but these must have had their representations on Earth in the seven holy ‘fortresses’ of the seven ‘white’ Kings of Atlantis. In the Secret of the West, Merezhkovsky says:

‘Atlantis perished, but its gods were saved. There are seven of them: The Cretan Adonis-Adonai, the Egyptian Osiris, the Babylonian Tammuz, the Hittite Attis, the Iranian Mithra, the Hellenic Dionysus, and the ancient Mexican Quetzalcoatl. They all show one face, like brother-twins. The swastika is on their brow: it is possible to say that these are the ‘baptised’ gods.

‘There are seven of them like the seven colours of the post-Deluge rainbow: “I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a token of a covenant between me and the Earth.”

‘They are more than twins, they are each others’ doubles, so that if you know one you know them all; they mix in one another, like the colours of the rainbow, behind which is one sun.’

So, if the poem, the Spoils of Annwn refers also to post-diluvian history (as an experience of initiation) it is still correct to say that ‘only seven’ return; because, in Atlantis, only the seven god-accepted sanctuaries and their Mystery-wisdom survived, and those under the ‘Lords of the Dark Face’, the black magical Kings, perished. The offspring of these seven Mystery schools, devoted to planetary wisdom, are to be found – historically – scattered all over the world of the ‘second humanity’.

Eleanor C Merry, The Flaming Door


I can’t have been back in the room for more than a second when I was drawn back into the astral or spirit world, whatever it is (no place I’d ever seen before). When I reappeared it was to an entirely less troubling scene. I was walking forwards onto land beneath a cornflower blue sky (the sky so often looks that way in the spiritual dimension?) on a path towards a building that I knew was there but could not see.

I am not sure if this makes sense, but I find that in this dimension one’s vision is restricted in a way. One sees what is before one’s eyes and the rest unfolds. It can be like tunnel vision. What I could see was a low outer wall with an opening in the middle, clearly some sort of entrance or gateway.

Sitting on the left of the opening was a young woman with long black hair wearing a knee-length white toga or chiton. She was sitting kind of sideways and shielding her face with her hand. It was obvious I should not see her face and had I thought about this fact for a bit longer it would probably have scared me a bit.

As soon as I registered her presence I arrived at the next scene (time and space has no meaning there, things unfold according to one’s understanding of them, with full consciousness or comprehension triggering the transition).

I was somehow inside the building with the girl walking beside me on the left. I vigilantly tried to observe my surroundings for outstanding detail, but it was quite dark – it seemed to be a basement – and everywhere was plain marble or stone. There were columns and I remember being surprised and even a little disappointed that there was not any kind of decoration on the walls that I could see.

The room itself was not normally shaped, comprising of weird angles. It seemed like a corridor. As I made this mental note about the décor I was led to look at the floor, and saw that we were following a path of square tiles, about 12” across, that were uniformly patterned with simple black swastika shapes.