Evil Banished

I turned around again and the force of the wind struck me like a ton of bricks. Overcoming it seemed impossible. The only hope I had was that if I could somehow ‘see myself’ I might snap out of the ‘alternative’ state I was stuck in.

Inching around the walls in the same direction as I’d been going before, still away from the window, I finally reached the wardrobe’s floor to ceiling mirrors. The pressure of the wind was almost unbearable. I gripped the handles of the mirror and forced myself to look at my self, for some reason finding the sight so disturbing that I dared not look closely at my face and most definitely not directly into my eyes.

I was too terrified that I might see a demon to dare look into my eyes. By now I was on the edge of blind panic. I was desperate. What should I do?

Having managed to see myself, I could only think that the next step was to hear myself. The thought of managing to speak seemed so tremendous that I hoped it might constitute an act of will sufficient ‘save’ me.

If the sight of myself had been scary even in this context (for some reason I find it really disturbing seeing any part of my astral body when in another dimensional state), hearing my voice was so distressing that only the thought of certain oblivion if I didn’t pushed me to speak.

It sounded so guttural, warped and ‘demonic’ that I felt indescribably shocked. All the same, I knew that I had to speak in order to live and even though I didn’t know what to say and hadn’t had a chance to even think about it, I managed to get out the words:

God help me

In an absolute split second – so instantaneous that it surprised me at least as much as anything that had gone on before – I was back on the bed with my eyes wide open and one hand on my head. I was like, ‘woaaahhh, what the hell just happened there?’
I was totally alert. It was like I’d been running for dear life to escape a cyclone with no apparent means of escape, but had been lifted spontaneously into complete safety and was henceforth in a place where all the other safe people lived.

Fear was dispelled utterly. I sat up on one elbow and turned to look at the clock. It was still between 1 and 2, round about 1.38. Something had clearly happened ‘in time’.

Feeling immensely relieved, as if I’d had a seriously lucky escape, I quickly fell into a deep and restful sleep, secure in the knowledge that the evil had been well and truly banished.

The Wind

The walls began to visually pour with black blood in good old horror-movie fashion. Clearly this was done to intensify my fear and at the time the effect was horrific, although I didn’t have a moment in which to panic. With what little self control I had left I managed to get back into my body a couple more times, whereupon I made desperate but vain attempts to awaken the witch man beside me.

When I managed to speak – this took a monumental effort – my voice sounded strangulated and barely audible, shocking to hear. When I next got ripped out I was more horrified than ever to find that I’d brought the sleeping self of the witch with me.

I dropped him immediately and I confess that I blamed him at that moment for what was happening, considering that he had encouraged the force to come after me and had failed utterly in his promise to protect me.

Alone in the corner of the ceiling, mortally afraid and pinned into place by the wind, I gathered my thoughts enough to move along the wall, away from the large (closed) double windows where the wind seemed to be coming from.