Oct 222011
Air, Ancient, Apollo
Beauty, Cosmic, Dawn
Divine, Earth, Fire
God, Gold, Heart
Heaven, History, Human
Joy, King, Knowledge
Life, Light, Love
Magic, Meditations, Mind
Moon, Mystery, Nature
Orion, Power, Reason
Secret, Silver, Soul
Spirit, Star, Sun
Time, Truth, Vision
Water, Wisdom, World
Alchemical Weddings


  2 Responses to “Secret Silver Soul”

  1. a deep feast of an incantation. an invocation of the treasures of our souls.
    the only word here that i have not used in my daily life with cause is Orion.
    i am thereby directed to him.
    as always, thank you cc

  2. Orion….an imperial quarter of the cosmos that must be enveloped by a state of peace…. also site of a major stargate/time portal as evidenced by the assumption of Osiris in this region.
    Thank you for reading!

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